Melanie Gomez

Married for 24 years with 2 teenage boys, Melanie Gomez’s passion is to share the message to every special needs mom that there is joy, there is purpose and there is hope in their journey.

With a master’s degree and years of experience in the corporate world, Melanie now finds herself  an expert in the non-traditional areas of: care-giving, juggling multiple social and therapeutic schedules, chauffeuring, and cheerleading for her family.   Her favorite hobby is encouraging other women and moms, whether over a cup of tea in her living room, or on a stage before a multitude.

Melanie, husband Tony, and boys Ben and Nick, recently moved from Chicago back to their native Florida, where they are looking forward to sunshine and flip flops all year long. She shares her own writing at Redefine Special

Melanie has recently published a 14-day devotional for special needs moms.  If you’d like to order a copy for yourself or a friend, please do so on Amazon at

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