Barb Dittrich

The mother of three children, all of whom have a variety of chronic illnesses or special needs, Barbara Dittrich founded SNAPPIN' MINISTRIES (Special Needs Parents Network) in 2002 and currently serves as its Executive Director.  The organization she leads was one of three finalists for WORLD MAGAZINE’S HopeAward for Effective Compassion in October of 2009, in conjunction with the American Bible Society.  With a unique vision for serving parents of children with chronic illness, disability, or special needs, she has led the SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES team in developing an innovative parent mentor curriculum.  She lives with her husband of 20+ years in Wisconsin, writes and speaks nationwide, and is the creator of the blog  Barb contributes to  the Not Alone and 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting blogs. She also opines on her personal blog


  1. An amazing woman worth admiring.

    1. You are WAY too kind! I'm just an average girl with an EXTRAORDINARY God.