Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa Claus Forever!

“Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” 
Luke 2:10b-11,NIV
It’s the most wonderful time of the year (and all the special needs parents cringe)! Hear me out. I know that the holidays seem loaded with landmines for special kids. They bring questions, uncertainties, health or emotional crises, party/travel/gift anxieties, or even uncomfortable interactions with well-intentioned family members. I’ve been there, friend. My special guy is about to experience all the highs and lows of his eighteenth Christmas — we've already experienced several crises over here at the Gomez household.  

All the above exceptions accounted for, I still love holiday time more than any other for one reason: SANTA CLAUS FOREVER! I think one of my top three favorite things about being a special mom is that Santa Claus comes to my house every Christmas morning. Nicolas is seventeen years old, and this year when he again sits with/towers over Santa, and nervously discusses toys he wants, his eyes will reflect awe, his heart a-flutter, and his whole being will confidently know that Santa is real, and is coming to our house this year on Christmas Eve!

So here’s my Christmas advice to all the special parents reading this: enjoy the innocence of your child this holiday season. However much they understand or experience, soak that in and hold it tight. Put all the challenges in their appropriate place. Honestly, holidays or not, we’re still gonna have meltdowns, difficulties, and unexpected bumps in the road, right? So since that’s just normal life, roll with it this holiday season.  That way you’ll have time to breathe in the special moments, whatever they are for your child. Please don’t overlook the wonder of it all. Special families may not have a lot that seems to be in the column of “better than” a typical family, but Christmas is definitely a win for us. My special child always reminds me of the pure joy of Christmas. He reminds me that believing as a small child is the way we are all expected to believe, always. Not in Santa, but in the reason Santa spreads gifts all over the world! I see that played out each year and am so wonderfully reminded of the special gift within. I get teary-eyed every year when I get to re-explain that because it is Jesus’ birthday, a sweet old man in the North Pole gives a gift to every child in the world. And that it is why we give gifts to each other, and to strangers. It’s why we sing songs and have parties. Nicolas definitely “gets” the magic of this season, he feels it and enjoys it deeply. I can’t help but be aware  that I should be experiencing Christmas a lot more like Nick does.

Santa Claus is such a fleeting moment in most kids lives, it seems shorter and shorter these days. But we get Santa every year and it’s truthfully the best morning of all the other 364. Yeah, by then end of that same day there have usually been one or two “issues” but the other 364 have those anyways. No other day has the Santa moment. Winner. Every time.  
A Prayer: Father, thank you for giving the greatest gift ever, your Son, and for the privilege of celebrating His birth. Over these next few weeks I ask you to remind me, as chaos surely will happen, that the reason for all the extra effort is to celebrate Him. Cause me to slow down and see, to breathe and sit with my child(ren) and see what they see, and feel what they feel. Show me the special-ness that they experience. Help me let go of whatever doesn't matter, doesn't celebrate you. Flood my heart and mind with the purity of love and peace that was born on that night.

- Melanie Gomez


  1. Thank you, Melanie, and thanks to Barb for featuring this lovely read. We had a hayride with Santa this year. Our son turned 18, and our traditions of celebrating Santa continue. And the best part? He still loves his toy nativity scene and is also a fan of the little drummer boy who is part of the add on set. I was late getting decorations out this year, but he had asked my husband to bring the nativity set up from the basement, and then he proceeded to decorate the upstairs hallway, my bedroom, and his with not just the drummer boy set and the nativity, but many of his stuffed animals. It was quite a surprise. All the animals coming to see the new born king included ducks, penguins, flamingos, and more. We must soak up the delight of it all as a reminder and a true gift.

  2. Yes!!!! I love the picture in my mind of your sweet boy bringing all his favorite animals to see baby Jesus. Truly precious and PURE in every way. Merry Christmas dear Anjie <3