Saturday, December 9, 2017

Advent Week 2 — A Prayer for Peace

In a world of chaos, peace seems elusive, Lord. You see our household struggling with the multiple demands of school, work, treatments, and therapies. Stress nags at us as "normal" seems out of reach. Beyond our daily challenges, trying to function with toxic political issues, a culture that demeans life, and nation warring against nation all cause our anxiety to rise.

Prince of Peace, during this second week of Advent, calm us with your never-ending serenity. Remind us that we are carrying burdens that were meant for us. We underestimate how very much You care for us. Cleanse us of our faithless worry. Don't let us miss the miracles and marvel of this season. Redirect our focus to delight in each moment. Thank You for creating so many little things that leave us in awe and wonder. 

Only in You can we truly find peace, Jesus. 

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