Sunday, December 3, 2017

Advent Week 1 — A Prayer of Hope

Lord, as the darkness in this world increases, it is so easy to lose our HOPE. Hospitalizations add to the mountains of medical bills. Bullying at school makes us dread each new week. Insensitive remarks from family or neighbors make bitterness swell. It all seems so hopeless. We forget that our HOPE does not dwell in our circumstances. We don't move throughout life as if the victory is already ours. 

This first week of Advent, grant us moments of quietness. Help us to pause and recall how You have pulled us through at times in the past where there seemed to be no hope. Holy Spirit refresh us and lighten our spirits. Exchange our dread for new dreams. Replace our cynicism with celebration. Feed our joy with the little gifts in every day. 

Don't let this season pass without changing us for the better. Get our minds off of ourselves as we prepare room in our hearts for YOU. 

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