Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ten thousand reasons

The priests then left the Holy Place. All the priests there were consecrated, regardless of rank or assignment; and all the Levites who were musicians were there—Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun, and their families, dressed in their worship robes; the choir and orchestra assembled on the east side of the Altar and were joined by 120 priests blowing trumpets. The choir and trumpets made one voice of praise and thanks to God—orchestra and choir in perfect harmony singing and playing praise to God: Yes! God is good! His loyal love goes on forever!
Then a billowing cloud filled The Temple of God. The priests couldn’t even carry out their duties because of the cloud—the glory of God!—that filled The Temple of God.
(2 Chronicles 5:13, MSG)
You might know the chorus I sang as a child:

"God is so good,
God is so good,
God is so good, he’s so good to me."

It’s one of those that’s so simple it can stay in your head and heart for days. In my memory as I write I can hear the voices of my whole family joining together unaccompanied at the end of a day together; simple to begin with, building harmonies and gusto as we continued singing with fervor, Granddad banging out the rhythm on the arm of the chair. All ages together, all of us could manage these words and get caught up in the momentum of the tune and the emotion of the heartfelt voices.

"He took my sin,
He took my sin,
He took my sin, he’s so good to me."

And in the singing peace filled me – that knowledge that everything in my life knew its rightful place in His hands. Sometimes we paused and filled in verses of our own going round the room for things we were thankful for; He helps me stand; He hears my prayer; He knows my name… of course one of us little ones always wanted to fit in something like ‘He gives me ice-cream’ too – and why not!

"Now I am free,
Now I am free,
Now I am free, he’s so good to me."

Then the song would fade and a new song of praise would begin; ‘How great is the God we adore’; ‘Great is your faithfulness’; ‘I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene’…

Some of those in my memory have already joined the choirs of heaven – I wonder if Granddad is still banging out the rhythm of God’s praise for that choir! – and some of us are left here to continue passing on the baton of praise to our God, drawing in the little ones, gathering the family to sing with one heart and voice that ‘God is so good’. Our voices join with the choirs of heaven, and the cry of creation. In all circumstances, in my every emotion and every breath, in my joys and sorrows, the doubts and questions, the hopes and longings ‘God is so good’. Unchanging. Ever faithful. Overflowing with reckless love. Pouring out overwhelming mercy. Emmanuel, God with us.   
  • How am I singing God’s praise in my life today?
  • What am I full of thanks for?
  • What is the choir of heaven singing?
Father, Son, Holy Spirit fill my heart with remembrance of your goodness today. Lift me to sing your praise with all the choirs of heaven full of thankfulness for who you are, and all you have done for me. Amen

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