Monday, November 20, 2017

My word against His

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I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
Psalm 139:14 (ESV)

Recently, I’ve been thinking about seeing myself as God sees me. I confess that I’m close to clueless in that regard. I’ve used my own biased, inaccurate perception of myself for… a lifetime. Like most issues with perception, you see what you look for, so most of my biases and skewed perceptions have been confirmed by my own actions. As God has challenged me to change my glasses and see things from His perspective, I confess that, in this matter, I’m a special needs student.

Recently, J. has started communicating his desire to develop skills that he doesn’t yet have. Since my biased, shrunken self-perspective doesn’t extend to my son, it’s easy for me to see the potential for him, and to encourage him to work hard in areas that are on the boundaries of his current skills. His perspective is not as steady. Some days, he really wants to work on the skills. On other days, he struggles to believe its possible, as he is absorbed by the challenges of autism. Convincing him to try, when he’s feeling despondent, can be very difficult. I wish he would just believe me.

I feel the same way, a voice whispers to my heart.

Believing what we don’t (yet) see is the story of faith. I often remind my kids about what God has said about them, encouraging them to live up to what’s really true. As I walk J. to the school bus, and tell him that the power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in him and will enable him to regulate his body and control his impulses. I seldom offer myself the same gift, the nourishment that comes when I say to myself what God has said about me.

Let me start again today. I am who He says I am. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14). I am a priest to God (1 Peter 2:9), a co-heir with Christ (Gal. 4:7). The Anointed One lives in me and His presence surrounds me. His plans for me are good (Jer. 29:11), to prosper and not harm me. His works are truly wonderful and all His promises are yes and amen.

Lord, may we believe what you have said.

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