Monday, October 2, 2017


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Blessed [joyful, nourished by God’s goodness] are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness [those who actively seek right standing with God], for they will be [completely] satisfied.
~ Matthew 5:6, AMP~

What makes you CRANKY? It's not difficult to come up with an answer when you're raising a child with additional challenges. 

Is it lack of understanding from relatives, neighbors, or friends?

Does a lack of cooperation from your school or medical staff send you over the edge?

What about the bullies in the neighborhood or at church (if you're fortunate enough to attend one)?

Add to the difficulties of managing your child's extra requirements all of the chaos in today's world and it's not hard to find yourself irritable from injustice all around. Everyone seems grumpy and at odds with one another. We seem to move from one social outcry to the next, always in a bad mood.

I don't know about you, but I find this constant bitterness exhausting. I want to escape it. And then I feel even more irritable... HANGRY — hungry and angry at the same time. Because I am so uncomfortably hungry for things to be better, the pain just makes me even grouchier. 

In my better moments, I can bring myself back to a Savior who understands. Jesus didn't just suffer immense injustice in his own life and the world around him, he was an ambassador of encouragement to others starving for righteousness in every age. He wanted us to be transformed from hangry into hungry without the angry pain; from an insatiable bitter craving into a deep desire that will be satisfied beyond our wildest dreams.

You see, we focus on life's problems when God is saying to us, "Fix your focus on me!" He's telling us, "Pursue a right relationship with Me and all that I value, and the rest will fall into place." (See Matthew 6:33) When we become hyper-focused on what is wrong, WE become wrong. Whether it be a larger social injustice or a specific personal struggle, we become embittered by troubles that never seem to resolve. Instead, God wants us to have that eternal perspective to invigorate and encourage us, enabling us to live above our circumstances. 

When we focus on an individual relationship in right standing with God; when our personal intimacy with our Creator is our primary concern, we will NEVER be hangry. We can always have as much of Him as we are willing to actively pursue. And as we grow in knowing the Lord, His character, His incomparable, unchanging, faithful beauty, we crave Him more and more, but with complete, satisfied contentment. 

Think of when you have been smitten by a crush on another human being. Everything else seems superfluous in comparison to that object of affection. That experience is even more gloriously intense with God because unlike a human crush, He ALWAYS reciprocates. Therefore, pursuing Jesus is far, FAR more worthwhile than chasing after a school staff that understands, a medical staff that cooperates, or a society where right always wins. You and I should be spending much more time seeking an intimate, right relationship with God than we do with our fellow man.

Sadly, we get it backward. Few of us spend as much time pursuing peace with God and marinating on His word as we do on the circumstances and interactions around us. If we would do so, our human relationships would improve as a natural byproduct of that divine interaction. Let's begin TODAY to turn that around. I'm tired of being hangry. How about you?

Pray with me...

Lord, I get my priorities messed up. I make my problems bigger than You. I seek human approval over tender intimacy with You. Forgive me, Father. Jesus, wash away my clumsy sinfulness. Holy Spirit, strengthen me to improve the order of my activity, seeking You first. Thank You for Your promise that I am BLESSED to overflowing when I get it right.

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  1. Matthew 6:33New International Version (NIV)

    33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

    As I seek intimacy with God, I also pray for wisdom, understanding, and compassion. I want to represent Christ the way the Bible and Holy Spirit instruct me too. Great post for such a time as this.