Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Fear Comes With A Diagnosis

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

Fear was one of the greatest weights I carried with me at the beginning of this journey. There were so many uncertainties that my mind could become overwhelmed with a foggy dread that hovered over my thoughts and actions. If I were to consciously think about the what-ifs of the future, it would send me into a dark, fearful place. But even when I wasn’t intentionally dwelling on those things, my subconscious always had a little storm cloud looming nearby.

I don’t know if I recognized it as fear—I think I rationalized it as commonsense concern, my “mom brain” functioning cautiously, as intended. When my son with a genetic disorder was still little, I could lie awake at night, gripped by fear about what would happen when his father and I were too old to care for him or when we passed away before him. I feared even the tiniest of things; I remember being physically ill while anticipating his first rollercoaster. But somewhere along the lines, I learned a valuable lesson that freed me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally more than any other. It was that no matter what happens, or what had already happened, God is still God. God is, was, and will be. No one is guaranteed anything in the future—so then fear of the future becomes meaningless. I justified my fear, because my child’s future was uncertain; then I realized: so is everyone’s! I also realized that God promises to work all things out for our good—how can I fear that?

Mostly, the above verse tells me that fear, no matter how much it makes sense to our human minds, is not from God. He purposefully endowed us with access to his spirit, with power, love, and a sound mind. Not fear. So I simply had to dwell on those things—become conscious of the power, love, and soundness of mind that were at my disposal—and the fear would go. I could defeat those fearful thoughts each time by telling myself that I was filled with power and love and that my mind was sound. The sound mind in this verse is also translated as “self-discipline” and “self-control” in other Bible translations. That means that God has given me the ability to shut down the fearful thoughts that aren’t from him.

On the topic of fear, I recently came across this passage in a wonderful book I’m reading called Undaunted, by Christine Caine:

As long as you live you will have something to lose—little pieces of yourself…there is always some cause for fear. We can choose to surrender to that fear and let it rule our lives, or we can surrender to Christ all of those things we love and fear to lose, and then live fearlessly—undaunted.

By surrendering my son and his future back to God, I release all the fear that goes with it. I say “back to God” because I acknowledge that God is the source of my life, my children, and our family. He allows me to influence and manage all that he gifted me with, but he ultimately is the author and finisher; so I put back in his hands what came from his hands.

What is it that you fear the most for yourself or your child? 

Let’s Pray:
Heavenly Father, I know that the fear I feel for my child, no matter how “realistic” it seems, is not from you. I thank you that you have given me access to a sound mind and courage in every situation. Today I ask you to deposit your spirit and love in me so that all fear is driven out.

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  1. Our daughter has taught me the true meaning of patience. In the midst of a hard day she continues to smile and finds joy in the most unusual circumstances. She is truly our blessing and continues to teach me the true meaning of GODs Love

    1. So true, we learn so much through our children. What a wonderful way for God to instruct us.

  2. My daughter reflects the Lord's love better than anyone I know. She never withholds her love because of the way someone looks or smells, talks or walks. She just loves!

    1. So precious! It's such a difficult thing, to love unconditionally, yet our special kids are often so good at it.

  3. Both of my kiddos have shown us that even in the midst of sleepless nights or intense circumstances, their giggles and smiles are gifts from THE Father. He's reminding us through them to savor the moments.

    1. Seeing, holding, and hearing those gifts - it makes me feel so privileged and honored that I get to experience those things that many others never will experience.