Thursday, August 17, 2017

Following God Makes All The Difference

“So Moses told the people, ‘You must be careful to obey all the commands of the Lord your God, following his instructions in every detail. Stay on the path that the Lord your God has commanded you to follow. Then you will live long and prosperous lives in the land you are about to enter and occupy.” 
Deuteronomy 5:32-33 NLT

Life is broken and messy and confusing and stressful! It doesn’t seem to take much to pull our eyes and heart away from God. A typical day seems to be filled with much more heartache than hallelujah. But I wonder if that is true or if my perspective is often slanted by my lack of following God wholeheartedly. 

What if all the twists and turns are part of the journey He designed? 

What if I just need to take a deep breath and trust Him as I follow Him? 

Before we can really talk about following God, we need to determine who He is. Early in this passage in Deuteronomy, God’s glory and greatness are spoken of with great fear by the Israelites. They had seen the thunder and lightning, they had heard the loud voice, and they were surprised to still be living. The Almighty God of the universe is a merciful God who desires intimate relationship with us. 

He is overwhelming, awe-inspiring, and glorious. We are to fear and revere and respect Him… this is true worship!

As powerful and majestic as He is, the relational aspect cannot be missed. God desires His people to fear and obey, not to avoid judgment primarily, but to enjoy relationship. It pleases God greatly when we follow and worship Him. In the midst of the crazy, we must remember that God is for us, no matter what the circumstances of life may communicate. So, if this is who God is and what He thinks about us, how does following Him make all the difference? 

Following God opens the door to a relationship and a perspective that completely shifts how we see the world around us. Suffering can be viewed through His eyes and, as Joni Eareckson Tada so eloquently declares, “Sometimes God allows what He hates in order to accomplish what He loves.” 

Following God provides comfort and peace in the midst of the storm. 

Following God ushers in the abundant life that Jesus promises. This is not necessarily a life free from pain and hurt and suffering, but rather is the life He has designed for us. Life with Jesus is infinitely better than life without Him. 

Following God is truly the only path to making any sense out of a broken world. And when even sense isn’t to be made, there is nothing that compares to knowing you are loved and cared for by the Creator of the universe.

Let us come together and make a covenant to stand against distractions and to see the world through the eyes of God so that we may live and enjoy the life He designed for us, even when it seems to be the very opposite of what we might have chosen for ourselves. 

Lord God, You are truly the Lord Almighty. Your voice rumbles like thunder and Your very presence overwhelms us. Yet, You desire intimate and personal relationship. May we say no to the distractions of everyday life. May we prayerfully see the world through Your eyes. May be follow You above all else because You truly make all the difference in our lives.

 ~ Mike

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