Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wait Summer Break...Don't Go!!

A happy heart makes the face cheerful,
but heartache crushes the spirit.
The discerning heart seeks knowledge,
    but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.
All the days of the oppressed are wretched,
    but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:13-15 NIV
In less than a month, school will be starting back for my children. This is about the time during the summer when I start to get antsy.
Summer break starts with weeks of opportunities for fun, new experiences, and family time. I start the summer with a mental list of exciting things we can do to fill in those days. We can do a mini vacation! We can go swimming! We can go to a theme park! We can go to the summer special at the movie theaters! We can go camping! This will be the year we finally go to the splash park!
With summer break winding down, I start to make an inventory of the things we’ve accomplished. The fun factor assessment usually ends with this synopsis: Where has the summer gone? Why haven’t we had more time for fun?! We still haven't done this or that. 
This summer has been usual for us. My daughter had a surgery that pretty much halted life for 3 precious weeks of summer. At one point my son even said, “We can’t do anything fun because sissy isn’t well yet.”
Of course, a surgery steals summer time, but general things like work, mowing, chores, and doctor’s appointments make some days busy. I mean, everyday can’t be fun filled. Or can it?
Why does real “fun” equate to big experiences for me? If that’s the bar for fun, then no doubt I won’t be able to reach it realistically with a child with special and medical needs.
If I commit myself to being cheerful and satisfied in small things, then my heart can have a continual feast no matter what.  
Through that perspective, I see new things worth mentioning from the summer. The times we went fishing around the house was surely a good memory for our family. Our short drives on the golf cart around the neighborhood are simple but fun. America’s Got Talent episodes bring out the opinions of my son and I as we make predictions about who will go far in the show. Singing Beauty and the Beast songs with Jaycee in the van has brought a smile to both of our faces.
Maybe summer hasn’t been as unproductive for fun as I first thought.
What about you? What are some special things your family did this summer? Don't discount the small stuff!
Let’s pray:
God, I thank you for the special times summer break brings for our family. Help me to cherish the time we have left before school starts. Give me new ideas and a new perspective for making memories with my children. Let me set the example for "fun" you want them to keep all their lives. Help us all to have cheerful hearts to appreciate all experiences small and big. Amen! 


  1. It was productive. :) Good luck on school starting again.