Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Thank God that he gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
~ 1 Corinthians 15:57, GW ~ 

He did it! Our son tackled another hurdle that seemed so persistent and unmanageable. On his journey to managing his own care, our son had to learn to administer his own IV infusions in locations other than just his arm. After spending years desensitizing him and helping him overcome the mental obstacles, including more than one visit from our home health care doctor, he successfully self-infused in his hand 3 times in a row this week.


My response? "Great! You have a job. You can infuse in your hand. Now, get out."

His retort? "Uh, Mom, let me at least get my driver's license first."

We laughed with joy and relief, feeling like more than conquerors witnessing him overcome the obstacle that seemed immovable.

You know that feeling. There are too many times on this demanding journey of raising a remarkable child that it seems like things will never improve. Behaviors are stubbornly rooted. Medical crises occur one after another. Several bad school years pile up. Lack of understanding and acceptance from the family never seem to get better.

It is so, so easy to walk this road of parenthood feeling discouraged and defeated.

We are anything but! As precious people bought at a price, Jesus leads us through life in total and complete victory. We are conquering overcomers, not victims to be shunned or pitied.

Victory may not look the same for us or our children as it does for others. Even so, we can recognize it in an instant. It may be a tube feeding that finally cooperates the way it should. Seizures may suddenly be occurring less frequently. Some older kids even tolerated attending a 4th of July parade this year. 

In the economy of complex kids, it's the little things that are so life-changing!

I can recall the year our youngest daughter could simply tell us that chewing gum helped her to concentrate in school. That was an enormous step in self-advocacy for her! And it was that tiny step forward that helped us keep persevering through the tough days ahead.

When all hope seems lost, Christ is leading us through to victory. God sends us small mercies each new day to bring light to the step we're on. But only if our sight is focused on Him. 

It begins with gratitude. Being thankful for what we have sets an emotional floor under our feet. We affirm God's goodness and accept from His hand the blessings he pours over us without acting entitled or dissatisfied. That is a GREAT place to begin as our baseline! 

From there we can endure doing the things that we know to be right for our kids, day-after-day, year-after-year. And when a breakthrough comes, it is that much sweeter because our already grateful hearts overflow with thankfulness in the triumph. 

Are you discouraged today? Is progress eluding you? Does your child seem stuck beyond hope?

Take courage, dear friend! In Jesus, the victory is already yours! And He will lead you through each day providing just what you and your child need until the final, ultimate celebration.

Pray with me...

Father, sometimes the days seem so long and the progress so little. Lifter of my head, draw my focus gratefully heavenward again. Keep my eyes on all the ways you bless me rather than on my difficulties. Shrink my sorrows as my heart expands with thankful expectation. Strengthen me to persevere with the stubborn challenges my child faces. Thank You, Lord, for offering us hope beyond hope.

~ Barb Dittrich

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  1. Your writing still encourages me after following the blog for 2 years now. God ALWAYS knows what I need to get me to the next step. Thank you for being God's instrument.