Saturday, July 22, 2017

Second Look Saturday

My family and I just returned home from a 3 week trip to visit our family and friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We drove; having decided it would be fun to take it slow, and not rush through airports, TSA and all that "good stuff."

It took us three days of driving to reach my mom's house in Minnesota. Each day we drove between 8-10 hours. When we left Wisconsin a couple weeks later, we followed a similar path home.

Do you know what I enjoyed the most about our trip?  
Going slow, and taking it all in.  
I started to remember that this world isn't quite as big and chaotic as social media, the internet and television makes it seem. I was able to learn about the places we were driving through (rather than flying over). I saw antelope, wild horses, free range cattle, and bald eagles. We counted the trains that we saw as they clacked alongside the buttes in Wyoming and I read up on the history of some mining towns we passed through.

You can't do that when you fly. When you are LITERALLY FLYING over all the beauty down below. The world is racing by you, and you have no time to stop and enjoy it.

This thought made me reflect on my friend Barb's post from March of this year. Rooted. You see, we kept our feet on the ground and took our time to savor the world God created for us~in return, I was ultimately blessed with the ability to relax and feel Him surround us and care for us.  

As Barb said:  When life gets crazy it can be far too easy for our eyes, minds, and emotions to get fixated on our circumstances. But God taught me years ago that if I am looking for security in this world, I will always be disappointed.

I love to be rooted in God's love for us and our ultimate victory. I HAVE to be rooted in that promise because this world tends to distract us and pull us away from that security.  

Take a moment to read about being Rooted, and then see how you can answer these questions:

  • When have you tried to control things with your child or your family and have felt your security slipping away?
  • Have you ever "let go" and just let God do His thing? How did it turn out?
  • When have you been in such a difficult circumstance that you have had no choice to but to quit trying to control it? How did it go when you "let go" and just trusted God?

Pray:  Father God, it is such a blessing to slow down and remember your promises to us and your love for us. Help me to DO THAT! This world, this culture in which we live, is in such a hurry and there is always something to pull me away from you. I want to stay ROOTED. Amen.

~Tammie Hefty

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