Saturday, July 8, 2017

Second Look Saturday - 5

If only the first thing on my lips would be a prayer of thanksgiving...

I was reading through some posts that people have written about thankfulness and Mike Dobes really hit the nail on the head when he wrote Giving Thanks Always to Everybody.
Mike confessed:  If you are anything like me, I become very busy and self-preoccupied. This causes me to often forget to slow down and say thank you.
Isn't that the TRUTH?

When I am focused on ME, I forget to be thankful to God for everything He has ALREADY given to me.  BUT, when I focus on others and this rare world around me, I start to realize how abundantly I am blessed.

Think about all that God has given you...and THANK HIM, truly THANK HIM for it today. Grab some paper and write it down to make it even more real so you can reflect on it again at a time when you need to remember God's steadfast presence in your life.

Reflection Questions:

  • What has God given me that I rarely think of as a gift?  (Mountains, sunsets, a beautiful lake nearby...etc.)
  • WHO are the people God placed in my life that have become critical cogs in my support wheel?
  • What "inconveniences" have happened to me lately which were actually God directing me toward a better situation or solution?

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