Friday, July 28, 2017

Mom, There is a Tooth in My Eggroll - and Other Sensory Issues

"A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones,"
Proverbs 17:22, NASB

Sensory issues. They have the ability to drive us crazy. We had a recent trip to the mall food court where I gave the children the option of eating wherever they wanted. Thinking this would be a great idea, it backfired as it usually does when kids have food sensory issues. 

My child with the issues desired one of those large slices of pepperoni pizza--those slices almost as large as your head.  She was so excited. I left her to take my other child to get Chinese. Upon my return, my pizza kid was so upset. There were burnt flaky pieces on the bottom of the tip of her pizza. She had taken a bite and it ruined it for her forever even though they could be easily brushed off.

She started staring at the Chinese, desiring it. While we were discussing and negotiating the thought of switching, she gets up and throws away the pizza. A perfectly good pizza any one else at the table would have eaten...My other child cuts her egg roll in half to split and finds a very hard thing in it that they are convinced is a tooth! It all went downhill from there. However, there was still a need to eat, so I let them eat Chick-fil-a, the "normal" place we usually resort to and all was fine. This adventure cost me more than I was hoping! But it was worth a try because I tried to challenge them to try something different.

One thing that God has taught me through the issues of sensory problems is laughter. The ability to have a joyful heart which is good medicine. I used to be sad by the differences and lack of ability to eat whatever or wherever we wanted but God has used it to help me be thankful for what is important. This time, it is just another story of living with sensory issues. We can joke about it and it makes our heart glad.

If we let negativity overcome us, it will sap us of strength and dry up our bones. We must be trained by these experiences. For when we are, we can be thankful and find true and lasting joy in them. And remember, there is always Chick-fil-a.

Father, help us to be thankful for the little things, including the weird surprises. Thank you for laughter and turning our mourning to joy. Help us to trust you with the difficult things like sensory issues. Help us to learn and grow from them. In Christ. Amen.


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