Saturday, June 24, 2017

Second Look Saturday - 3

Isn't it great how God gives you the same message over and over again?
Hmm...what do you think it means when He does that? *wink, wink*
Yes, I've been getting the same message that Jennifer A. Janes was getting a little over a year ago when she wrote: "Because You Say So" ...
Because God says so, I should do it.
It cut me to my core when I read her words:
In my quest for answers - and my demand that God supply them immediately - I have forgotten that God has already given me a lot of direction. It's direction that I haven't followed, so why would I expect Him to give me more information?
After you've gone back and read this quick post from Jennifer, I encourage you to grab some paper and a pencil or pen and take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions and try to put your ideas on paper.  No one else needs to know, this is just for you, but it may help you move beyond the rut in which you find yourself.

  • What direction do you continue to feel like God is pulling (or pushing) you in, but you're afraid to acknowledge?
  • What parts of God's Word have you decided to ignore, or change, or re-define in order for them to fit YOUR will?
  • What areas of your life are you BLAMING God for, and wondering why He hasn't been meeting your needs?

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