Saturday, June 17, 2017

Second Look Saturday - 2

It's Father's Day weekend! Do you have big plans with Dad? 

As my children scheme and work on ideas for their father up until the last minute, I can't help but think back on Bobby Lanyon's post from February 23, 2016: Your Spouse Is Not Your Enemy. It just never seems that we mother's feel the same devotion to our husbands on Father's Day as they do for us on Mother's Day. It is almost expected that we women will be treated like queens, showered with gifts, wined and dined. Yet, the guys are supposed to feel grateful to get yet another tie and, if they're lucky, a good steak to grill for themselves. 

I'll admit it. I have been guilty of it over the years. I have harbored this poor attitude that I carried so much more of the parental load, so I deserve to be celebrated while my husband merely deserved to be somewhat acknowledged.

Give his whole piece a re-read and answer the following questions in the comment section after this post...

  • When do you feel that it's most difficult to stop treating your spouse like the enemy?
  • What would you think of someone else if they responded toward their mate like you do towards yours?
  • How could you gain more of a team mindset, remembering you are fighting the same enemy?

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  1. Oooo...that second question is a GOOD one...! What a great reminder-(and I'm totally guilty of "undercelebrating" Father's Day).