Saturday, June 10, 2017

Second Look Saturday - 1

Well, here it is...for the majority of us, we are looking at the beginning of summer vacation. What did our child or children accomplish this year that surprised us?
Overwhelmed us?  
Taught us?  
Hurt us?  
Encouraged us?
I look back today at Lorna Bradley's post from September 7, 2016:  Be Still?  During Back to School?  and pause to reflect on my daughter's first year of middle school. I remember the numerous e-mails I sent on a daily basis to her teachers for the first several weeks trying to figure out IF my daughter could DO this whole inclusive education thing, and without an educational assistant by her side.

Lorna wrote:  Seeing my child off for his first day of school, and the many that follow, being still is the last thing on my mind. There is much to do while he is away. Plus I have all that worrying to do about him making friends, remembering homework, following rules. If I am going to be still it has to be in a very limited window of time.

Yes, that sounded a LOT like how I felt.

But, Lorna gave us some advice in her post, and I had to agree:  What if I trusted God in the midst of turmoil? What if I let go of the worry? What if allowed that taut muscle in my neck slacken? What if I abandoned the sense that I need to be in control and gave it over to God?

And here we was an amazing school year, and my girl DID IT!!!  She made friends, her teachers were amazing, the school staff was terrific...I'm actually in tears as I write this in AWE of how God took over when I finally gave it to him.

Reflection Questions:  
  • How did your attitude about your child's school year change from the beginning of the year to the end?
  • Where did you see God in action during this past school year?
  • How will you remember "God in action" when you start to worry about your next milestones with your child?

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