Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Special Needs: Finding God in the Eye of the Storm

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I will instruct you and teach you... 
I will direct you with My eye.
Psalm 32:8, ISV 

Storms are part of this life. Some “brew up” giving us advance warning. Some blow over. Some take us unaware. 

But the promise of God is that He is with us in and through the storms of our life. Jesus' disciples exclaimed, "Who is this? that even the winds and storms obey Him?
credit:   Jesus - the Way, the Truth, and the Life STORY BIBLE
Having a child or adult in your life who has "special needs" means learning to live through a lifetime of uncharted weather. I'm often overwhelmed or frightened I won't be able to manage the brunt force of some of these storms. 

When our daughter, Bethany, was born with Down Syndrome, Jeff and I discovered our parenting will extend throughout her lifetime of challenges.  As a mom, that seemed more daunting than facing a timeline of challenges as other children grew up. 

We have to be alert and anticipate dangers Bethany might face but not understand.
(*predators, social media, prejudice, haters)   We navigate therapies, IEP’s, extra doctor appointments, and future living and employment possibilities. I'll admit- we are stressing out a bit as we plan for her adult future without us: financially and choosing guardians. We encourage her to dream (her current dreams are to drive and get married) all the while preparing her that she might not achieve those dreams but that her life can still be good! 

Added to the storms we face as parents, our hearts also are assaulted by every storm she faces. If she feels rejected or lonely, left out, or passed over, we feel her pain. Her storm is also our storm. 

But the good news is this: 

Our storms are Jesus storms. 

The storms of life are His specialty. 

Psalm 32:8: God will direct me with His eyes upon me

I am not hidden from Him.  You are not hidden. He’s not distracted, bored or just checking in once in a while to see how we're doing! Somehow, He can be fully focused, engaged, and acting in each and every one of our lives- throughout our whole life. 

This is incredible!!! I’m so limited in my abilities to focus I can hardly fathom this truth. 

He knows where I am - 24/7. 

He knows what I need and will provide - always. 

He will anchor me through life and ensure I safely reach heaven's shore. #NoMoreStorms 

Unbelievably, the best place to be in a hurricane is smack dab in the middle in the eye. The eye is the calm spot that whirls winds around at a fierce velocity, it creates an impenetrable circle of calm. I find Him in the eye of the storm. 

The next time you get a storm alert in life, remember God sees the storm from His vantage point. Every storm is small to Him. He will guide you and be your anchor. The winds of His love will encircle you creating His eye in your storm. 

Pray: God - You have authority over all things. You see, You know, You care. Shelter and surround us with your love in times of chaos and stress. Thank you for guiding us safely through our storms. In Jesus Name.  Amen 

Listen to "In the Eye of the Storm"... 

Cindy Barclay


  1. So needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Your welcome Theresa! Jesus doesn't always speak to our storms and tell them to Be Still- but He does weather every storm with us- and brings us safely through! hugs