Friday, March 10, 2017

Phew - It's a New Day!

 "he gives the command and it all melts; 
he breathes on winter—suddenly it’s spring!"
(MSG Psalm 147:18)

Where we live, in Nottinghamshire, England, spring is almost here. Snowdrops are punctuating the grass verges and gardens; the crocuses are emerging in glorious purples and white, and the first blossoms are just beginning to flower like confetti in the bare trees. Winter is almost over, spring is almost here. The dark evenings and mornings, and the long nights are slowly but surely being pushed back as spring sunshine arrives.

Andrew & I were reminiscing a couple of days ago about how we would regularly find ourselves at 4:30, 5 am pacing up & down in the lounge with a distressed little one in our arms and an eye on the clock waiting and waiting for that magical moment when children’s TV came on again for the day. Relief! The struggle with sleep would end for another day.

When nights are anything but restful there are times when I can’t wait for it to be morning; a new day. Just like I can’t wait to see signs of spring after the winter. Lent reminds me how much of life can feel like that kind of waiting. Night can be a tough time, often a very lonely struggle with my girls who through the years have had real difficulty sleeping. And there is something about darkness and solitude that can make the everyday burdens I feel become much heavier, and harder to bear. Life’s dark times have a heaviness all of their own, an isolation and an often unseen struggle. We can feel we are alone, unable to connect easily with the fellowship of our Christian family and unable to sense or feel God’s presence with us.

I am reminded that in the beginning, it was when everything was formless, covered in darkness, that God spoke light; he spoke life. I am reminded of the words God spoke to Isaiah:

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. For those who lived in a land of deep shadows— light! sunbursts of light! (MSG Isaiah 9:2)

It is within darkness that light is seen for what it is, in its brilliance, in its powerful strength. It was in the darkness of the cross, as Jesus bore the burdens of our sin, brokenness, and death, as the sky went dark and Jesus cried out to the Father he felt forsaken by. It was in the darkness of a sealed tomb, the darkness of the shrouds of death that God spoke the final word – the word of life, the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.
We live in resurrection if we live in Christ. Every new day is a resurrection day! A day which our God, who is bursting with life, will pierce with light – sunbursts of light and life. St. Augustine of Hippo said:
 “We are a resurrection people, and our song is ‘Alleluia!’.”
  • I wonder when you will see God’s light and life breaking into your everyday today?
  • I wonder what it means to you that light is seen most brilliantly in the midst of darkness?
  • Resurrection is hope-full. Meditate on the hope we find in Jesus if you have a moment to colour.  (free printable HERE

‘Lord, here I am, standing at the start of a new day. Be with me. Open my eyes and my heart to see your light today, give me energy to share it. Let me be aware of heaven breaking through, keep me hope-full in you’ Amen.

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