Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mama - Wipe My Tears

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You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

Psalm 56:8 NLT

Bethany:  intense pain on her right side, tender to touch, temp 100, chills and nausea. But tears were the final clincher for me to call our doctor! Tears are rare for Bethany, and she has a high tolerance for pain so tears and complaints of pain set off alarm bells in my brain. 

Our doctor had no openings for 2 days! After listening to the symptoms she asked us to go to the ER to rule out appendicitis. (Bummer - that's what I'd been afraid of.)

We checked into the ER about 4:30. The entourage of nurses and doctors, and tests began. 

The tears began in earnest (her and me) as the nurse poked and dug the needle this way and that, trying unsuccessfully to find a vein.  

I finally said, "Please, just leave it for now. Can get somebody else to do it?"

As she left the room, Bethany asked, "Mama, will you wipe my tears now? I'm too tired."  

As I wiped her tears and stroked her hair, I murmured how much I loved her, how proud I was of her. I wished I could just take her place. But all I could do was to be fully present in her pain and pray my love would comfort her.

But how much more is the Father heart of God? He didn't just "wish" He could take our place -- Jesus took our place; our pain, our sorrows, our suffering.

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We toss and turn. He not only notices -- He is instantly moved with compassion and takes action.

Our lives are full of sorrow. He knows sorrow -- He knows grief. He covers us with His wings and shelters us from destruction.

Our hearts are overwhelmed and afraid. His heart beats one with ours and He whispers His love.

We cry. He wipes our tears and stores them in a bottle! He actually collects every tear!!!


Because His love compelled Him to rescue us from our sin and sorrows.

To the point of death. 

His death swallowed up death, hell, and the grave, for you, for me.

His life infuses us with new life and a good future.

In the appointed time, He will deliver us from the life of dangers, disease, disability, disappointment, and death. 

He is a God moved with compassion. He even stores up our tears. Someday, when we look at our bottle, we may understand just how much He cares!

***Thankfully, it was not appendicitis. The CAT scan/Xray revealed pneumonia and inflammation of the pericardial sac around the heart. Thank God for antibiotics, ER rooms, and most of all Jesus- who is with us every step of the way! It's been a week and Bethany is gaining strength every day!
Pray: Father God! Thank you for wiping our tears, for holding our hands through tough times, for never leaving us alone. Your love is more than we can comprehend! Help us through this life! 
In Jesus Name! Amen


  1. This writing of yours is a great favorite illustration of a Scripture passage we might overlook, missing the profound impact of how much the Lord treasures each one of us, His beloved children. Thank you, dear sister-friend!

  2. I really needed this right now. I am struggling with deep pain from lack of resources for my disabled daughter, fear of my own health issues health issues affecting my ability to care for her, and having the strength to care for my partially disabled spouse. I am a Christian and I have never been faced with such trying circumstances all at once. I need to be reminded of God's love. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Edy- It still blows my mind that He cares so much! It would be enough that He wiped our tears away- but that He stores them too! There's something very profound about that truth! <3 hugs