Monday, March 20, 2017

If I Didn't Laugh...

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How we laughed and sang for joy. And the other nations said, 
“What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”
~ Psalm 126.2, TLB ~

It was a hurried, cranky morning as our family prepared for school and work. My two teenagers began yelling and quarreling over God-knows-what.

"Quiet, you two! You're making my eardrums bleed," I shouted.

"Hey! I'm the only one bleeding around HERE," my son shot back.

And given the fact that he was having a serious bleeding episode that was requiring him to infuse every single day for a week, the entire household began laughing. That's just how we roll in Dittrich-land. 

I have learned over the years that if I didn't laugh, all I would do is cry. And apparently, many of the mamas I serve feel the same way. The "dark" or "gallows" humor seems to lighten the load, even if for only a second. Giggling about the outrageous parts of our lives together creates a common bond.

Sometimes that humor is MAGNIFIED as we watch the typical world react to it. I've seen people's eyes bulge out, mouths fall open, or even recoil in horror as we laugh at our circumstances. People almost seem shocked, sometimes even downright uncomfortable, that we would mock our own difficulties.

Here's the secret the rest of the world may not know...
When we can laugh at something, we shrink its power over us.

If I can smirk, giggle, chuckle, or even be in tears produced by hysterical humor, then I own the situation rather than it owning me. My difficult circumstances become more of an annoyance than a total stressful meltdown when I can laugh. In humor, I gain perspective. I seize the joy of each moment as I let out my well-known, "SNORT!"

Furthermore, when people see us laughing in a life that they think should evoke nothing but tears, they want to know how we do it. What is the cause of our joy when we have, in their minds, every reason to live in despair? If they see a redeemed life, they just may realize that there IS a Redeemer.

So go ahead, warrior parent, laugh on! Show the world that your God is bigger than your troubles. And He has a sense of humor.

PRAY: Father, You tell us that "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." (Proverbs 17:22). Thank You for the balm of humor for our souls. Your Sovereignty frees us to laugh in the midst of our challenges, resting secure that You keep us and our children in Your constant care.


  1. Great post! Man, the naked child appearing at any moment in an autism home--YES SO TRUE!

  2. I laughed from the time I read the electronics robbery meme. You are so right. In the midst of difficulty, Jesus IS my reason for a HUGE smile!

  3. When we can laugh at something, we shrink its power over us. <- I so believe this. It renders the problem somewhat irrelevant. I believe God laughs a lot. Because He invented humor to begin with.

    Great, motivating post. And that photo of a girl laughing with a camel has been a favorite of mine.