Friday, February 10, 2017

Doesn't Everyone Deserve a Special Education?

Take hold of instruction; [actively seek it, grip it firmly and] do not let go.
Guard her, for she is your life.
Proverbs 4:13, AMP

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There is such a stigma of the word - "Special"

 “Special Ed”- "Special Kids" - "Special Needs"

In my era, kids with “special” needs were bused separately in a “special” bus to a “special” school where they could do “special” things.

And though we’ve come a long way baby, there’s still so much further to go.

Because EDUCATION, INSTRUCTION, LEARNING is something everyone is supposed to be given and achieve.  The Bible tells us instruction/learning is the foundation of our life.

I have a dream -- A world where everyone will be considered special and given a "special" education.

So many kids (not just those with “special” needs) are MISSING VITAL educational skills and information for living a full, productive, satisfying life!

That is why I part-time homeschool/part-time public school.  Yep. I cafeteria educate, choosing the from an array of options and deciding where and what Bethany will learn best. Although if you ask Bethany, she will insist we don't homeschool -- we "FUN School" because all learning should be fun.  

Instructing Bethany takes patience and insight. Learning is a challenge for Bethany -- always. Fun schooling guarantees Bethany will be taught from a Christian worldview. It assures information will NOT be skipped. She will not be passed over or underestimated. And it definitely means she won’t be playing UNO in the resource room.  

I modify, simplify, reconstruct and repeat. I learn her weaknesses and strengths and I prepare her for the future as best I can.

I try to add more special education” through experiences: piano lessons, dance lessons, clubs, people, friends, mentors, hobbies, field trips, and lots of family time. 

And as she learns I am learning!!!! (Talk about a special education!)
But this isn’t a rant against the public school! (I promise.) 

It’s a call to inspire and equip people to become life-long learners, and gain and give a truly "special education."

 What if all learning began 
with knowing God 
and understand learning is a gift and privilege from Him?

Everyone can invest in “special” education. (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, Sunday School teachers, mentors) 

I say, "Why just leave it to the schools?"

What if we encourage our kids who have no trouble learning to be on the lookout for those who are struggling in learning? 

What if we all tried to help everyone succeed
 in the learning and doing of life?

Can we tutor? Read? Inspire? Help do homework? Encourage? Spark a vision? Mentor? Teach? Cook? Sew? Art? Woodworking? Budgeting? Pass along wisdom?  Volunteer at the schools?  Come alongside a family who has a child with special needs? (Of course, I love this one.)

I love to pass on a love for learning and I have been beyond blessed by many who have invested in Bethany.

She is who she is today because of the seeds of learning and special care many have given her.

She is truly getting a very “Special” Education, and not because the “state” mandates it!    

I pray “special education” as it is in 2017 will become obsolete. I pray for each and every person to be valued as unique and special. I pray we would work together to accomplish a very one-of-a-kind “special” education!  

Dear Father,
You are the One who created us with the ability to learn and grow. Show us how to live a “special life” of learning and helping others learn. Let us grow in wisdom and insight, throughout our whole lives and guard instruction from You and not let go!  

In Jesus' Name

Cindy Barclay 

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  1. I can only say "Amen." I really hope this gets widely distributed!