Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Weary Mom Rejoices

Nevertheless, the time of darkness and despair 
will not go on forever.
Isaiah 9:1 NLT 

A thrill of hope - a weary world rejoices - for yonder breaks a new and glorious dawn - 
(Oh, Holy Night)
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There is so much joy in my world, that I hesitate to share a recurring despair and darkness that falls on me.

Most days I can "count it all joy"- the various challenges and "adventures" that having a child with down syndrome brings. Bethany truly has been and continues to be "Joy to our World."


Fear descends to devour my peace and joy when I begin to wonder about Bethany's future.

Who? Her future:  Who will care for her as deeply as we do? Who will have her best interests in mind?  '
What? What will she be able to do with her life? Will she be fulfilled in the doing? 
Where? Where will she live when we are gone? 
When? When will I be able to trust the Lord completely with her precious life? 
How? How can I get her prepared for her future?

These fears temporarily paralyze me.

They drain my joy, my hope, my peace.

And that's why I need the message CHRISTmas every day of the year!

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Isaiah 9 is beautiful with promise- to us- to me- a mom of a child with special needs- because we can all be overwhelmed with weariness.

Isaiah 9 Promises to a weary world looking to God for help!
v1 -  the time of darkness and despair will not go on forever

v2 -  those who walk in darkness will see a great light

v3 -  we will rejoice as God unfolds His promise

v4 -  He will lift the heavy burdens from our shoulders!

v5 -  our enemies will be destroyed

v6 -  God's Only Son is given to us - Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

v7 - The government, the load, the burden, the decisions, and weighty matters will be upon His shoulders!

v9 - ties it all up with a bow - The passionate commitment of the Lord will make this happen. 

Christmas is the beginning of the fulfillment of His promises to His children.

He will make everything right- in His time- in His way.

So I comfort myself with tidings of great joy. I remind myself the glorious message of CHRISTmas was FEAR NOT. I remember that God took on flesh and suffering and limitations so that He could experience everything I experience.

Because of this I know: He is with me; He is for me; His compassion and mercy will never fail me... or my child.
That makes this weary mom's heart thrill with hope.

Pray: Oh Wonderful Counselor, give us wisdom and insight to be the parents we need to be to our children. Help us trust you, Mighty God, to know that you have all things under Your good control. Everlasting Father, remind us you have a Father's heart and you know our fears and failings. Prince of Peace come rule in our hearts, our minds, our families.

In Jesus Name,

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