Friday, September 23, 2016

When your First Grader Gets Suspended

"Hear my son, your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching." 
~Proverbs 1:8, NASB
It started with good intentions, my son saw the weak being threatened so he intervened. This is what we teach him; to protect the cause of the weak. He intervened in the playground brawl where the little kid was being held down by the big kid. He saw. He cared. He took action. 

Entering into another's suffering. Taking up their cause. These are the things that are Christ-like. They are evidence of growth in grace, evidence that he listens to our teachings that come from the Bible.

However, as he was intervening, this bigger kid started hurting my son. So another kid came in to help my son. Apparently, my son didn't need help so he hit the kid trying to help. In turn, that kid punched my son in the eye.

When my son was taken to the principal's office with the other little boys he told the truth. He lived what he has been taught; always tell the truth. 

Because he hit a kid, his actions required a suspension. 

I asked my son why he hit this kid who was only trying to help him and his reply was, "I didn't need help!" 

He did so many things right, how could this one pop up in the middle of it? It is an entirely different heart issue that needs to be addressed. The issue of pride. 

I am thankful for this experience because if it didn't happen I wouldn't have had the opportunity to identify this self-sufficient pride that is lodged in his heart. This is just another opportunity to teach and instruct in the ways of Christ. Now next time, I hope he will be willing to receive help.

And the boy that he hit and who punched him back? Well, they could be seen playing together on the playground. Forgiveness; that's another thing we are teaching him. I am thankful that as parents we get to see some of these things take root aren't you?

Father, thank you for the privilege of instructing our children in your ways. Help us stay true to the task and sit back and watch you at work in their hearts. 

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