Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Gentle Journey

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

He will take care of his flock like a shepherd;
 he will gather the lambs together and carry them in his arms; 
he will gently lead their mothers.
Isaiah 40:11 GNT

I have heard "I can do that; I'm good at that" and "I can handle that" in the past 24 hours. Both of these were spoken about areas of struggle for my precious daughter. I have cried, prayed, and struggled myself through these first eleven years of her life. I have encouraged her to look at her progress and not compare herself to others.

As she has looked more at herself and the progress she's making, she sees what I do - that she is making tremendous strides in a lot of different areas. She believes in herself and in her future. She knows she still has room for improvement, but she also realizes that with hard work and dedication she can continue to make progress.

Most importantly, she loves the Lord and is working to become closer to Him through prayer and His Word.

When our special needs journey began, I had no idea how I would teach her what she needs to know. I didn't know how to help her have a better opinion of herself and her abilities. I didn't know how we would make it to bedtime some days. But we did. One moment at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.

Our journey isn't over, and I'll keep taking one day at a time. God has been faithful to lead me so far, and I know He's in it for the long haul.

Pray: Father, thank You for gently leading me on this journey with my daughter. There have been many days I didn't think I would make it, but You have seen us through every one. Thank You for leading me through the years to come and for helping us both to lean on You through each day. Amen.