Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why Moms Are The Best

May 2016 - Mother's Day

"Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.
Deuteronomy‬ ‭5:16‬ ‭ESV

I have been blessed to have the world's greatest mom. Now, I know that sounds cliche and that many people would say that about their moms, but I mean this will all sincerity. I could not have asked for a greater person to show me how to pray, how to love, how to care and how to grieve. She models a transparent life that is completely dedicated to pursuing an ever-deepening relationship with God and I am blessed.

But this post is not exclusively about her. Rather, it is about what makes her a great mother and I pray that it encourages the moms who read it that they see glimpses of themselves in this. Too often, our society takes motherhood for granted, and at times even seems to resent it, rather than giving the honor due.

1) My mom is a praying mother and I have seen evidence of this throughout my life. I am convinced that, much like Batman and the Commissioner with their red phone, she has a special connection with God that He quiets heaven when she prays in order to hear every word and respond accordingly. I have witnessed healing and reconciliation and provision and vision come as direct results of her prayer. When my mom says she is praying for you, believe that heaven and earth are now moving on your behalf and that her prayers are on a direct line to the throne of God. While this is true about her, it is true about so many other mothers. The foundation of amazing motherhood is a heart and lifestyle of prayer.

2) My mom is overly generous, even with people she does not know. I can remember our home being the place where everybody was welcome. I once brought about twenty friends from Bible college to spend the night on a Friday as we were heading out to Las Vegas for street witnessing on Labor Day weekend. My parents were coming home from a camping trip at the same time and opened the door to sleeping bags and complete strangers strewn all across the downstairs of our home. Her response? She woke up Saturday and cook pancakes for everybody to make sure we were full before heading out on our road trip. How about your mom? Or maybe this is how you are with your kids? May I say thank you on behalf of children around the globe for being a generous mother?

3) My mom is a solid rock in times of grief and loss. Years ago, when I was reeling from the effects of an affair and pending divorce, my mom was simply there. On the phone, in person, buying groceries, lending her ear and just making sure I remembered that God had my back and that she (and my dad) would never leave me. She has faithfully been in my corner my entire life and times of grief have been just a bit more manageable because of her presence.

4) My mom encourages me to dream and to aim for the sky. I cannot remember a single crazy idea that my mom told me to not try. Often, she would shake her head (and continues to do so) at my outrageous ideas and plans, but that shake was always accompanied with a "you can do it, son." How amazing does it feel when you know that your mom believes in you and is just waiting to see you shine?

Now, I realize that some of us have not been blessed with a mom who fits the description above. May I encourage you to look at those whom God has used to fill that gap, if necessary? Maybe this month brings up pain and even resentment. I do not want to seem trite, but turn to God for your comfort and, if possible, pray for open doors to reestablish relationship. Also, remember that we are commanded by God to give honor and it does not seem conditional on the level of parenting that we received.

If you have been blessed in such a way, make sure to give honor where honor is due. Tell your mom how grateful you are and how blessed you are. If your mom is already dancing in heaven, then maybe write her a letter this year and express your heart.

And for the moms reading this post, be encouraged that God has blessed you with the opportunity to pray for and encourage and love and support your children in such a way that they will see and know the presence of God because of you. Be faithful, stand firm in the storms of life, and allow your heart to guide you as you raise those precious children in your life.

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of a faithful mother. Life just seems so much better and sweeter with the blessing of a mom. I pray for each of us to remember the good, to forgive the bad and to give honor where honor is due. Bless us this day and allow those who are currently moms to walk in the strength and grace that You provide for them as they care for their precious children. Amen

~ Mike

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