Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Gift of Healing~A Gift for All?

My Prayer Journal

When Jesus had called the Twelve together,
he gave them the power and authority to drive out all demons
and to cure diseases, 
and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God 
and to heal the sick... Luke 9:1-2 NIV

There it is.  Jesus sending out his disciples to proclaim the Kingdom and to heal the sick.

This was not long after he had first chosen his disciples either.  They were still pretty rough around the edges.
But, do WE still have the power to heal?  Is that just an old "gift" from the days when Jesus was walking the earth and after his death and resurrection to try to garner more followers?
I believe we DO still have the power to heal, and I believe we DO all get called to that privilege as disciples of Christ.
Call me a Jesus Freak...but, I do.
Back in 2004, my daughter wasn't even 6 months old and she was lying on a table waiting for her second eye surgery.  She has glaucoma, and it was roaring like a lion from the time she was just a newborn.

I had my journal with me that day and had started to "prayer journal" the minute the team took her back to put her under.  Here is what I wrote:

December 6, 2004
Here we are at surgery #2.  The pressure was still high in her left eye.  Lord, I come to you today with GREAT EXPECTATIONS.  I believe you can heal her.  Guide Dr. S and Dr. S [using just initials for anonymity on the blog].  Bless the whole team.  Give Evie a peaceful surgery and recovery.  I pray right now that the pressure is decreasing even before the surgery begins-I pray the fluid that was once trapped is able to get out.  Lord you ARE the God who does MIRACLES!  You work miracles everyday in our lives-and today we believe there will be more.  
Thank you for all the family and friends you surround us with.  Thank you for a great webcam yesterday with mom and dad.
Thank you for Evie's smiles, teeth, cheeks and "oh boys"!  Thank you for two black kitties who love to nap.  Thank you for all the prayers and intersessions for Evie right now.
Give us wisdom, strength and vision.
In your hands, I give all this to you.  Your will be done, Lord.  Now, this minute, and for all eternity.  Amen
I closed my journal and waited...and prayed.  We probably watched The Golden Girls on the TV in the waiting room.  Time ticked by and I knew that my prayer had not been answered because it was taking so long.  Dr. S had said that he would just do an exam if for some reason the pressures were normal.

But, I decided, I had done my best.  I had prayed just as we had been taught:

  • Praise the Lord for all the blessings he has already given you.
  • Pray blessings for those around you.
  • Ask God for forgiveness of any sins for which you have not confessed, and pray for wisdom.
  • Expect great things as you communicate YOUR desires to him.
  • And ULTIMATELY Pray for HIS will to be done.

Yes, I had done all of that in my prayer.

The door to our private waiting room opened.  Dr. S. came in. 

"Well," he started, "we didn't do surgery today."
My heart leapt.
"The pressures were fine.  I did a very thorough exam.  I'm really happy with how everything else looks.  So, for today, you can go home and we don't have to do any special drops or ointments since we just did the exam.  Keep on with what we've been doing."
Was this really happening?  Had I prayed for healing for my daughter and we actually received it?
The answer here is: YES.
Was it permanent?  
The answer here is:  NO.  She had a couple more surgeries on that eye later in 2005.  On December 6th, however, she was healed.
Did I CHANGE God's will?  NO.  
God already knew that he was going to heal Evie THAT day.  BUT, the Holy Spirit had prompted me to pray, and I had resolved to follow that prompting.  And, BECAUSE of my obedience, and my willingness to put it out there, I am NOW able to bring the kingdom of Heaven down to earth as I testify to the healing my daughter received that day.  

God commissioned us, as believers to TESTIFY to his grace, goodness, faithfulness, sovereignty, and love.  It doesn't have to be pretty, and it doesn't have to be perfect.  But, we are commanded, as disciples, to do just what the first Twelve were told to do:  drive out demons, cure diseases, proclaims the kingdom and heal the sick.

Pray:  Precious Heavenly Father, the most important prayer we pray is for your will to be done, but we also know that we have been called by you to DEMONSTRATE your power here on earth, AND the only way we can do that is by calling on you to do great and mighty things just as Jesus showed those around him when he walked the earth.  Help me to be obedient in this area.  Help me to remember to pray for healing when the time is right!  And, then, when your will and my prayer align, remind me to PROCLAIM that healing in your name.  YOU ARE THE GOD WHO DOES MIRACLES, yesterday, today and always.  Amen.


  1. Tammie, this reminded me of a post I shared on this very blog back on 4/18/09 http://www.comfortinthemidstofchaos.com/2009/04/in-need-of-faith-infusion.html sharing a similar story. WHY are we so hesitant to proclaim these things? If we truly believe in a Mighty, Miraculous God, we SHOULD be shouting these stories from the rooftops to encourage one another! LORD, we do believe. Help us overcome our unbelief.

  2. Our pastor spoke on it at church this past Sunday and I knew I had to write about this week. He called on us to boldly pray for healing for people and to expect great things-I couldn't agree more. <3