Thursday, March 10, 2016

No One Can Understand You - Part 2

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When he has brought out all his own, 
he goes on ahead of them, 
and his sheep follow him 
because they know his voice. 
John 10:4 NIV

Have you ever had the embarrassing experience of carrying on a telephone conversation with someone who you THOUGHT was someone else?

Perhaps it doesn't happen quite as much now with caller ID and the use of cellular phones, but there were many times that people would call our house when I was a teenager and mistake me for my sister or mother.
Our voices can get distorted, and there can be noise on the "line" which makes it difficult to tell one voice from another.  
Similarly, my daughter struggles with her speech, and has always had a speech delay.  She was diagnosed with speech apraxia at five years old and developed a stutter as recently as 2012.  When she was five and received her apraxia diagnosis, the test results showed that she was only understood by a naive listener 12% of the time.   Can you imagine that?  A five year old who goes through her day being MOSTLY misunderstood?

I still find that I will "translate" her statements to people if they don't know her well because even with years of speech therapy, her communication is something one has to grow accustomed to.
Where am I going with this?  
Here is where I'm going...Last week I wrote about following God's will for our lives and the fact that NO ONE will be able to understand us and our decisions since we are making them based on our own personal relationship with God.
But, how do we know when GOD is speaking to us and directing us, and NOT the enemy?
The ONLY way we can develop an understanding of GOD is by spending time with Him and learning about Him.  The ONLY way we can protect ourselves from the fancy tricks of Satan is by knowing God SO WELL that we can pick out His "meaning" in His communication with us.
Satan's not stupid...he's cunning...
So we have to get to know God inside and out and the only way to do that is by spending time in His word and by talking to Him in prayer.  

I'm a substitute teacher, and I used to go into my classrooms in the morning and scramble to read the instructions from the teacher, ensure the technology was in order, and get to know the room.  But, what I found was that my days went smoother when I would first crack open my devotional and then invite God into my classroom with prayer.
I have to remind myself what God's voice sounds like every morning so I can recognize it even with all the noise on the "line" during the day.
I have to read God's word so I can learn how HE handled situations with His people in the past, so I can figure out how He would like ME to handle a situation.   I need to interpret His words just like how I learned to interpret my daughter's words.
It's all part of having a relationship!  He totally understands us because He MADE us...but we need to spend our lifetime here on earth TRYING to get to know Him...because He is beyond our comprehension, and infinitely larger than our minds can embrace.

There are many of us who feel misunderstood in this world.  Probably the MAJORITY of us.
But, what a comfort to know that GOD totally "GETS US."  
He made us just the way He wanted us to be, and He has a plan to use all of us in His grand design.  So, why WOULDN'T we want to spend time with the ONLY person who understands us?

Pray:  Heavenly Father, I praise you for creating me just the way I am.  I feel lonely and misunderstood, and often times I don't know how "likable" I am...but I'm in awe that YOU, the Creator of the Universe loves me, made me, and understands me.  Help me to learn to hear your voice so I can be sure to follow your will in my life.  Amen.

~Tammie Hefty


  1. I agree. I am just getting to the point in my latest trial/test where the thing I hated most about my situation, makes me better. I am able to shine only because God knows my inner most being AND Romans 8:28-31;38-39 is true. I have to know Him, know His word and BELIEVE it to stay encouraged during the darkest times. This has made such a difference as I journey through special needs parenting.

    1. I'm sorry I missed your comment until now, Denie! Hope you are doing well and things are continuing to fall into place and that God's will is pushing you steadily forward!