Monday, March 14, 2016

I'm Worth It

Last week I got a song stuck in my head that is not the type of song I normally listen to. It was one of those songs that (I think) is supposed to empower women, but if you actually listen to the words or watch the music video, you get a totally different message.

But here I am, a full week later, still stuck with this wretched song in my head. I keep hearing "Give it to me, I'm worth it" over, and over, and OVER again in my head. I don't know any other words in the song except those so I keep hearing this seven-word-mantra day in and day out. After the first 48 hours I started actually thinking: what do I want given to me?... What am I worth?... Do those words carry any meaning in my life?

I am a Mom and, by nature, a caretaker. On a daily basis I make it a point to saturate others' lives with the message that THEY are worth it. God sent his only son to live and die in YOUR place because YOU are worth it! My kiddos have all heard it in different ways that make sense to them: You are worth it because Jesus says you are, not because of a birthday party invitation, a grade, a cool t-shirt, or whatever. You are worth eternity in Heaven with the Creator of the Universe simply because he loves you.

But do I give myself that same message? Do I care for my body and soul as I care for my kids or my husband? Do I get on the elliptical machine or take a walk? Do I take time to cry out to God as I would to my own Mom on a rough day? Do I take a 30 minute break regularly to do something I that I want to do for no reason other than I want to do it? Do I read my Bible to hear what God's saying in my life today?

Or do I wait until I'm so maxed out that shoving one (or 10) bite-sized candy bar in my mouth mid-crisis is what I've decided I'm worth?
Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. (Luke 12:6-7 NIV)
God said he would give me eternal life because I'm worth Jesus's blood. He gave it to me... I'm worth it. This week I challenge us - please do this with me - to take 10 minutes every day to do some self-care because Jesus said we're worth it.
  • Buy myself a bouquet of flowers and read a Psalm.
  • Take a hot shower and cry the whole time. Or sing loudly.
  • Take a prayer walk.
  • Have an honest, loud conversation with God in the car alone while I'm driving.
  • Color, write, paint and create.
Those some of the things I'm going to do this week. What about you? Post your ideas in the comment area below! I can't wait to see how God is telling you that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Pray: Dear Lord, I used to think that telling myself I'm worthy of you was a selfish thing to do, but I was so wrong. I tell my kids every day that YOU call us worthy and that is the only definition that matters. We are worth more than all of creation. We are yours. Please help us to care for ourselves and our relationship with you as though we believe we are worthy. Amen.

- Em

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  1. Yes!!!! The only real encouragement!

    1. Amen, Liam's Mama!! I could almost hear your cheer across the internet-waves! :) Thanks for reading & have an awesome day in Him!

  2. I am worth not feeling guilty for having breakfast or lunch with a friend. I am worth asking for help and not being embarrassed.

    1. Yes, Denie!!! My heart is overflowing with joy at your worth. Thank you SO much for sharing!! Be blessed today, sister.

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  3. I'm worth a walk every day to exercise my body and refresh my spirit. Thanks for adding this link to's Tuesday link up.

    1. Thanks for the opportunity, Jolene! Love your "worth expression"... I'm going to pray that you have time to do that today! Hugs to you.