Monday, February 22, 2016

I Don't Always Know What To Do

"We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You." 
2 Chronicles 20:12c NIV
 A while back I wrote something about parenting where I said, "yet you know you have to push them through a little bit more."

Even on the calmest of seas, parenting can toss you around the boat.

Sometimes doing the right thing for our children and pushing them a little, or a lot, is needed. As parents of children with unique needs and challenges we are not strangers to hard work and adversity, to pushing through...neither are our children.

But sometimes there is a great need to be still.

Sometimes we rest in the knowledge and assurance that God is in control. This is an indisputable undeniable truth that is an anchoring concept for us as parents and human beings. A concept our children need to learn and learn by seeing us live it.

We must be actively still.

Because sometimes the steps are heavy taking great effort and every ounce of strength that we have, leaving no other explanation for our ability to move forward but God.

Our children look to us for guidance, direction and assurance.  We are most often, their anchor.

That is our position from the beginning. 

We are tasked with the incredible job of simultaneously coaxing, nudging, pushing them carefully through life and anchoring them to a firm foundation.

Slowly over time, as they grow, we teach them and they learn to shift that anchoring focus from us to God.

It is the way it should be.

We don't walk this parenting journey alone, God is right there for every step.

He is where WE look, where our eyes are focused.

He is where our help comes from.

He is our anchor.

I am growing to realize that being a parent never ends and it never "gets easy".

There are seasons and tides; and mountains to climb. There are heartaches and breaks.

You see unconditional love that never ends resides right next to the fiery discontent of the teenage soul.

It's the best roller coaster ride and scenic road trip; where you get stuck upside down and hit every pot hole.

There are easy times where you know exactly what to do, and then there are times when you are lost, and you have not a clue what your next step should be.

We only know...

"When we don't know what to do, our eyes are fixed on You."

I have to work to keep that focus. I have to let my children see me do that and see me direct their focus from me to Him...because I don't always know all the answers or what to do. 

It doesn't mean they will never look to me for guidance or advice, it just means that their eyes are ultimately fixed on Him, that they have learned to look to Him first.

Dear Heavenly Father, what better prayer can we pray than, "When we don't know what to do, our eyes are fixed on You." May our eyes look to you always, for direction, comfort, strength and help us to direct the gaze of our children to You. Amen.



  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear. When I don't know what to do my eyes are upon you. That's the scripture that I need right now with what we're going through with our girls.

    1. Tricia we have really been struggling through some issues with one of our girls and when I read those words the other day I thought it's ok just keep my eyes on God, that's our direction.