Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Better Than a Fairy Tale

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! 
The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True . . . . 
Revelation 19:11 ESV

I'm reading Melanie Dickerson's Fairy Tale Romance Collection with my older daughter. She has reached the age where a sweet romance with some suspense and adventure mixed in melts her heart and keeps her reading for hours without stopping.

I thought romantic notions left me long ago, but as I read these stories along with her, I have realized that my heart still holds a young girl looking for a hero to rescue, provide, and protect. I need a hero who anticipates my needs and loves me unconditionally, someone who would sacrifice his life to save mine.

As I pondered how a grown woman could still be longing for this fairy tale nonsense, I realized that God put those desires there because He is the one who fulfills them.

God is my rescuer, protector, and provider. He knows all my needs before I do and is faithful to meet them. His unconditional and sacrificial love can't be disputed. After all, He sent His only Son to die for me - to die in my place - and to rise again so that I can be with Him always.

The fairy tale ending is what He wants us all to have, and He gives it to us through Jesus Christ.

As I finished reading the fourth book in the series, I smiled to myself and thanked God for using fairy tales to point me to Him and to remind me that my longings are valid and can all be fulfilled in Him.

If I needed more proof of that, in the last pages of my Bible, I read that He is sending a Prince on a white horse. 

Seems to me like the writers of fairy tales got a lot of their ideas from the Writer of the greatest story of all.

Pray: Father, thank you for meeting every need I have, for being everything I need, and for loving me far more than I deserve. Help me to boldly share your love story with others, and let my life be a shining example of the truth that comes only from you. Amen.