Friday, November 20, 2015

Faith With a Dash of Cynicism

Ha!  Yeah, Right!  Reading scriptures like this one fills me with uncertainty on good days, and cynicism on the rest.  Maybe God's definition of the enemies is different from mine.  I saw mine yesterday, and today, and will likely see them tomorrow.  Perhaps I'm taking the scriptures out of context... but then, the Hebrews likely saw their Egyptian enemies daily for hundreds of years.  Anyone looking for a Red Sea moment?

I remember early in my journey with autism, a mature Christian with a 17 year old with autism said to me that her one regret is that she let go of her belief that God could heal her son.  She encouraged me to never let go. I remember tucking that one away, after thinking on it for a while.  Never let go... Now fast forward t my son being 17. I've let go of a lot!  After a while, you have to become practical. How many kids get healing anyway?  Maybe the miracle of God is that I'm not insane.

Yet, the scriptures challenge me to more than survival.  The dichotomy is clear.  The same God who seems not to be acting in so many tragic situations is the one who told Ezekiel to speak to the dry bones, who spoke to winds and waves, who healed a boy from debilitating seizure activity.  Thus God says that without faith, it's impossible to please Him.  But how do I have faith in the face of the day to day stuff? Some of the stuff is pretty awful!

You. just. do!  Faith is a gift from God.  It often doesn't make sense.  We just have to use it and continue feeling like fools.  Hebrews 11:6  says "without faith it is impossible to please God.."  (Hold on!  What???  My resignation based on data isn't pleasing to God?? Sigh.)  Yes, God encourages us to lean into his Infinite Ability and accept His gift of faith and trust.  Even when it makes no sense.  When you have solid proof to the contrary.  Especially when you have solid proof: TRUST.

So, I'm dusting my faith and trust off, and am challenging my assumptions about many things to do with my son, including what he enjoys and how much of it.  And lately, not based on any prayers I prayed recently, my son, who is not potty trained, had a bowel movement in the toilet.  There is a God!  You just don't ever know when you will have your Red Sea moment.

Dear Lord, thank you for this great opportunity to hear from you and enjoy your words.  Truly like honey from the honey-comb.  Teach me to remember what I need, and forget what I don't.  Give me your perspective, new vision, new insight.  Help me see what you see.  Help me to guide my parenting by what you have shown me, not by the random fads of the media.  More than anything else, God, help me to believe your word.  Lord, all honor and glory belongs to you. Receive glory from my life, I pray.

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  1. This was a blessing for me to read. Thank you- & may the Lord bless you & your son. In Christ, F.D.