Friday, October 30, 2015

Don't Give Up - Blessings are Coming!

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:9 NLT

"Blessings come to those who persevere in doing good."
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My husband, Jeff and I grew up in a small farming community.  Harvest time was an especially exciting time of year as we watched the farmers bring in the crops. I still remember having a special church service after the last crops in our community had been harvested. We sang and gave thanks for God's provision and bounty.

Autumn is the  appointed "time" to reap what we've sown.

We sow.    HE  BLESSES.    We reap.


This principal works in the natural world and the spiritual dimension. Just as God blesses "natural" seeds, God rewards those who faithfully sow seeds of time and love into others. 

As Thanksgiving is approaching, I've been contemplating how parents are the farmers of their family.  There's a long season of sowing and working the fields, but the fruits of the harvest will surely come!

Most parents sow good seed into their kids lives. But special needs parents?  Why they're sowers extraordinaire!  They won't quit sowing and working the field- even if they wonder if their crop- their results will ever be realized.

Dear amazing parent who doesn't give up: guess what your diligent, sometimes mundane, sowing means?

It means your due season of blessing is coming!
In God's economy- He takes what we sow, He blesses, and we reap those blessings!  When I really get hold of that truth, I get my second wind! 

We are not doing this for nothing.  There is a purpose in our labors! We are destined to reap. definition - Reap- to receive (a reward or benefit) as a consequence of one's own or other people's actions.

 As I was writing this, God surprised me by showing me I focus too much on the tedious job of sowing, thinking that this process is all up to me somehow.  No wonder I get so tired!  I tend to forget I have a Partner who never grows weary! His Name is Lord of the Harvest!
He said, "Cindy, instead of focusing on all your hard work, open your eyes. Start celebrating the bountiful harvest I've been giving you and the harvest blessings yet to come!

Do you remember when you worried Bethany wouldn't walk? Rejoice! She dances on a dance team!
Do you remember when you worried she wouldn't talk or that people wouldn't be able to understand her? Rejoice! Didn't she just give a speech to her 8th grade class? 

Remember when you worried that she might not be able to read or learn? Remember how much time you've invested?  Rejoice!  She not only reads but reads her Bible and hides My Word in her heart!

Remember when you worried she wouldn't have any friends, except for family?  Rejoice! Can you believe how many friends of all ages I've interwoven into her life?

Cindy! Don't get tired- keep on sowing - but Rejoice! Open your eyes! Your harvest is plentiful, and I want you to celebrate the amazing things I've done with all your little seeds!

Dear, precious, parents.  Let's keep on doing good. We aren't alone in our labors! We may sow but our Great God blesses and guarantees our harvest.

His promise- if we sow- He will bless- we will reap.

aT Today, tomorrow and most assuredly in eternity.

Dear Father,
We thank you for your bounty, your mercy and grace!  Thank you for encouraging us to sow but most of all thank you for promising a harvest!  We plant one seed and you multiply the blessing!You fill our hearts with joy!
In Jesus' Name

Cindy Barclay

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