Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When to Shut-Up

"A time to tear and a time to mend.  A time to be quiet and a time to speak."
Ecclesiastes 3:7 NLT

It’s all too common.  We see it in the news far too often these days.

Another death by overdose.  These teens and young adults have used and abused a drug one too many times or maybe for the first time. 

When we got that call and met a few of David’s friends at his apartment, the officers and medical examiner were already there.  We were not allowed in and they were taking statements from us and his friends of the events of the last 24 hours leading up to the call. 

I was talking with one of David’s friend’s right after the officer was giving him the talk about this being a lesson.  This was the very friend that found David and called 911.  He had never seen someone that had died before.  He had never even been to funeral before.  The last thing he needed to hear right then was a lesson on staying clean and the dangers of drugs. 

As I was comforting him and listening to him recap how he had found David unresponsive just a little earlier, it was very apparent that a talking to by a police officer was another thing that he really was not able to deal with.   He was rightfully distraught.  He was shaken.  He was many things.  One thing he was not though, is needing to hear how this hopefully has taught him a lesson.  Really, who would do that?  Let’s kick someone while they’re down.  Obviously that wasn’t the intention, but it sure seemed like it.

Before we get all in the officers business about being so callous and cold let’s take a good look in the mirror.  There is a time to point out life’s lessons, but I think more often than not, life’s lessons are self-evident when those serious consequences occur.  I have to remind myself to shut-up and not cause more distress during those very times. 

Without the officer even knowing it, he showed me what not to do.  There is a time to be quiet and a time to speak, and I know I speak far too often still.

Prayer:  Lord, Help me to keep quiet more and when I do speak make it only be what you want me to say.  Thank you for your patience with me as I continue to work on this.

Ann Gapinski

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