Tuesday, August 18, 2015


"Jesus looked at them and said,
'With human beings this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'"
(Matthew 19:26, TNIV)

At Joni and Friends, our theme for the year has been "All Things Are Possible." And while the context of this verse is about receiving salvation, it truly applies to every area of our lives. I mean, if salvation from sin and eternal life can be received through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is there really a topic that All Things Are Possible cannot relate to?

So many situations in life seem impossible...but God!

  • Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in 52 days?!? Impossible
  • Israel defeating Jericho with worship?!? Impossible
  • The God of the universe coming to earth as a helpless baby?!? Impossible
  • God loving me in spite of my sin and selfishness?!? Definitely Impossible

Over the years, I have been astounded at how brightly God shines
in the midst of the impossible.

 At the Family Retreat I recently had the privilege to direct, we saw 48 families affected by disability experience the God of the possible. Marriages restored, hope renewed, friendships begun...all for the glory of God. God loves coming to us when we are overcome by grief, despair, frustration and anger, yes even anger. He is not intimidated, surprised or overwhelmed by our emotions and struggles.

Rather, these are the very situations that He steps in, shows Himself faithful and reminds us to trust Him in the midst of the storm. I know that many of these phrases are cliche and the "right things to say" but this is because they are true. Truth does not diminish or excuse our pain and confusion, but it shines in the midst and reminds us that with God all things are possible. God sees you, He knows you, and He cares about you.

Does it always feel this way? NO!!!
Does the path become dark and scary and overwhelming? ABSOLUTELY!!!

But truth still reigns and God is for us, not against us.

When I walked through a brutal and life-changing divorce over six years ago, I would have told you that impossible was me just functioning day to day. Impossible was me parenting with any effectiveness and impossible was especially me returning to church and ministry.

Yet, I am so thankful for the God of the possible who intimately turned my mourning into dancing and traded my sorrows for joy. I have experienced life out of the ashes and it is only because of the God of the possible.

I don't know what your impossible is. It might be a diagnosis, an educational stumbling block or an insurance nightmare. Perhaps your marriage is hanging by a thread, your family doesn't understand your life or even your church has caused hurt and pain. God sees and knows. John 11:35 tells us that "Jesus wept" because He feels and experiences our pain. It is because of this truth that we can be assured all things are possible.

 God is not distant, nor uncaring.

He is intimately involved and promises to stand by us no matter how strong the storm. I don't know about you, but I am so very thankful that my God is bigger and through Him all things are possible!

PRAY:  Lord, in this world of impossibilities, THANK YOU that NOTHING is impossible for You!  We praise You for being intimately involved in every concern and detail of our lives, whether we can feel Your presence at the time or not.
--- Mike Dobes

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