Thursday, July 16, 2015

Us Are the Church

"And all the believers met together in one place 
and shared everything they had."
~ Acts 2:44 NLT ~

This past Sunday my husband and I swapped vehicles and the one I was left with wouldn't start when it was time to go to church. Instead of getting stressed out about it, I decided to embrace it as divine intervention and I held church for myself and my three sons at home!

It was the coolest experience EVER. I HIGHLY recommend trying it out yourself sometime, even if it isn't forced upon you by a dead minivan battery. It requires a small amount of technology savvy, a medium amount of patience, and a large amount of JOY! Here is the outline we used:

Supplies Needed: Access to YouTube, Paper and Markers or crayons, your child's Bible
Prep Time: None
Duration of Activity: 15 minutes

  1. Gather everyone together in one room.
  2. Choose one child to "open in prayer." Explain to them that they can say whatever they want to God - give examples, like: Thank God for this nice morning together, Ask God to help us learn lots about him today, Tell God what you like about him, etc. As parent, make sure to vocalize active listening "noises" (mmmhmmm or yeah!) while your child is praying out loud to encourage him/her - it's a pretty intimidating activity. 
  3. Allow any other child to lead the family in song or prayer. (My three year old chose to sing a song he made up spontaneously that went "I love everybody because my name is Sam." I  had everyone sing it along with him but changed the end to "because we are God's sons.")
  4. Play "Funky Jesus Music" by Toby Mac and let them get up and dance/run/jump/flail (appropriate) appendages. 
  5. Have everyone grab a comfy seat for "sermon" time and play the YouTube video called KIDS - What is the Church? Feel free to pause at any point. The video is only 2:53 long (that's minutes & seconds) and incorporates a Biblical definition of Church, a Bible reading from Acts 2:42-47, and discussion questions at the end. 
  6. Pause the video on the Talk About It screen and have family discussion time with those questions.
  7. Bust out the art supplies and have each child draw a picture of their favorite thing they just learned.
  8. Ask a child to lead in closing song or prayer. Same concept as opening prayer - try to encourage a child who didn't do opening prayer to do this one.
  9. Play "Good Morning" by Mandisa as a final closer. Encourage much wiggling/dancing/flailing again. 
It makes me smile just thinking about it - we had so much fun worshipping God together just with our little family Church. The best part: My sons are 11 (ADHD, SPD, Autism Spectrum), 5 (takes everything literally and thinks he's the family safety officer), and 3 (still not sure he's from this planet) and ALL could participate equally. Each could contribute something that was worshipful and had fun doing it! 

Warning: There are side effects of teaching your kids about God at home. Sammo (the three year old) is still strutting around the house today shouting "US ARE THE CHURCH!" 

Pray: Dear Lord, thank you for instilling in us a desire to all worship you uniquely AND united. Thank you for giving us tools that help every age and ability to learn about you. Please bless our efforts to raise Godly men and women. Help us all strut around every day joyfully proclaiming US ARE THE CHURCH! Amen.

photo credit: Ojitos de Jojo "Los enormes ojos de un pequeño amigo." via Flickr


  1. I love this Barb... WE THE CHURCH worship at home emergency when van battery died. I don't know how to do this posting & googling- 1st TIME - LOL GOD BLESS ALWAYS Christine

  2. Thanks for reading, Christine!!! I'm so glad we put a smile in your heart today!! God bless you!