Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Fun- One Day at a Time

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.
Psalm 68:19 KJV

Loads us! 
With benefits!  
Don't you just love that?

God inserts blessings daily into our lives.

As a parent of a daughter with down syndrome, I get tired and over-focused on the "responsibilities" and "challenges" unique to the land of special needs.  I mean, after all, they are called NEEDS. :)  

But if I take a moment to refocus our lives to just 1 day.  

If I follow God's example, maybe I can daily create some fun (benefits) in our lives.

Don't get overwhelmed reading my "list". I'm throwing out ideas we enjoy. 1 thing a day makes for a lifetime of memories. The key word is FUN.

I plan our fun around things I love to do- so I'm having fun doing them with her.

Commemorating our trip to Colorado

I love making digital picture books. (I just don't have the time for scrapping)  I'm helping Bethany learn as we compile and create our pictures from Colorado.  She's making her own photo journal and learning a valuable skill at the same time!

I love reading the Bible and I want Bethany to love it too! We open our "lazy" summer, days with a Bible story and memory verse games.

I love reading and I want Bethany to continue reading throughout the summer without feeling like it's a chore.  Can you say Summer Library Reading Program? Our local library offers prizes for each book read.  I offer Bethany $1.00 a book if she can give me an oral book report after she's read it. ;)

We're having fun cooking our evening meal together. She's learning to grill meat and to make salads. This skill is going to pay big dividends as I get older! ;)

Plan something for them/ You get a break 

Basketball camp with Amy

We found a one week basketball camp for inexperienced basketball players. The cost? $10.00! Wow!  She had so much fun. She was the only one who had a disability but she fit right in.

I schedule 2 or 3 play dates at our house with friends every week. Win/win for both of us. 

She loves dancing and we found a summer dance camp that is 1 hour a week for 8 weeks! Perfect time for me to read something on my Kindle while she's learning new Jazz steps.

Planning Family Time

Deanna Rose Farm- Learning about a 1 Room School House

My hubby's day off is Friday.  We plan local field trips and learn about where we're going before we get there. So far we've gone to Dianna Rose Farm, KU Natural History Museum, Spencer Art Center, and Prarie Park Nature Center.  We also love to go swimming, fishing, biking, hiking, summer outdoor movies, or bowling.

Planning Volunteer and Service Time 
Bethany is happiest when holding a baby!

One thing I'm concerned about is the focus on providing "fun" for our kids with special needs!  I love fun but I want to make sure Bethany knows life isn't all about her and her "entertainment". 

We're slowly adding volunteer and work experiences to her plate.  Yes- it takes effort and planning but I want her to grow up thinking of others and making the world a better place.

Bethany loves babies, children, did I say babies?  She is actually working 2 mornings a week as a "Mommy's helper".  The Mom is still there but Bethany is getting invaluable experience and a bit of spending money by playing and safe guarding two little ones as Mom gets her chores done.

Bethany's volunteering at a VBS, serving snacks and helping with crafts.

God Daily Loads His children with benefits- are we up to the challenge? 

Know yourself and your family!  What's fun for you?  Think about productive, fun ways to spend your summer before it slips away. It's almost July but you should still have about 45 days to make 45 FUN memories!

Now- go out there and shake things up! :)

Dear Father,
Help us love this life you've given us! Let us rejoice in each day and be refreshed in the good things you give us to do! Help us make memories and love our children as they grow and learn! In all the chaos in our lives, help us load up on Your benefits and blessings!  
In Jesus Name- Amen.

Cindy Barclay

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