Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume LVI: The Compassionate Cowboy Edition

Sometimes the world just gets too heavy.  It can seem like all we read and hear is bad news or stories about inappropriate treatment of those we love.

Other times, people get it right and shine like jewels.  This week's winner is one of those.

If you are fan of Facebook, you may have already seen this story going viral from the grateful post of an adoptive mother.  Charity Stewart Robinson had been at a rodeo with her family when something unusual happened.  Her three-year-old son, who had been diagnosed with a number of developmental issues, connected in a special way with a stranger sitting a few seats away by the name of Jason Taylor.  Pleasantly shocking was the fact that Robinson's little boy, Lincoln, used to be tremendously fearful of people, and also struggles with a language disorder.  All of that seemed to melt away when little Lincoln walked up to Taylor and began chattering about the bulls.  Unfazed, this kind stranger in a cowboy hat interacted with the preschooler in a manner that literally brought his mother to tears.

It should have been clear from that moment that Jesus was present.  It turns out that Jason Taylor is a pastor at Barnone Cowboy Church.  In his television interview with "Miss Charity," Pastor Taylor states, "I ain't nothin' special...  It's the scripture lived out." 


Perhaps this story is so profound to so many because it magnifies the simplicity of what each parent raising a challenged child craves -- LOVE -- plain and simple love.  That love accepts and includes every children, no matter what.  Pastor Taylor also demonstrates plainly that this simple inclusive love only happens through the One who IS Love.  Lived out, that looks like reaching out to a complete stranger and inviting them in to your church, where others may turn them away.  It means welcoming a child into your lap when others may be irritated or expecting parents to get control.  It means being Jesus with skin on.

It may seem like a tall order to some, but that's what we need.  This pastor demonstrated that it is, in fact, incredibly easy.

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  1. We are bankrupt without love (For King and Country: Proof of Your Love) xo