Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume LV: The "Soulless Monsters" Edition

It seems like one of life's basic rules no matter what religion one practices, no matter what culture in which a person dwells:


In Judeo-Christian history, this mandate still stands sacred as God's eighth of ten commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, detailed in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 20.

Stealing is bad enough in and of itself.  Great controversy swirls these days as technology gets ahead of our ability to control it.  Music, words, and images are stolen off of the internet every single day en masse.

It takes things to an even more depraved level when those things that are stolen are used for nefarious purposes.  That is where we find this week's "winner" -- in the bowels of utter depravity.

It seems that a Swiss biotechnology company, Genoma, recently took to marketing its "most complete, non-invasive" prenatal test for genetic abnormalities in Spain, a country that has become complicit in the genocide of those with special needs.  Again, THIS also would be bad enough, violating God's sixth commandment forbidding murder.


However, Genoma used in its advertising a stolen image of a young girl with Down Syndrome who is also battling cancer.


Out of respect for this beauty & her family, we have blurred her face.

Let's also chalk this one up as the breaking of the ninth commandment, prohibiting "bearing false witness against a neighbor" or lying, because singling out this child or any child with a genetic illness as a problem to be terminated IS a complete deception.  No one knows like we parents do the joys our children bring to the world.  We are uniquely equipped to point out to others that our culture is incomplete without children of every kind.  Our joy and advocacy shows the world what a complete LIE it is to imply that life with a chronic illness, special need, or disability is not worth living.

So in one fell swoop, this multi-billion dollar biotechnology company managed to thoughtlessly trample all over God's Law as well as the hearts of this family.  As fellow parents raising challenged children, we realize that none of us are strangers to heartache.  Sometimes the load becomes too heavy or the road too long.  We can imagine the pain of the parents discovering the misuse of their daughter's image in this way.  Please pray for them as you think about this story.  And as I always tend to say in these Saturday posts, NEVER stop sounding the alarm for our kids.  They bear the image of their Maker just as every other person on the face of this planet.

~ Barb Dittrich 


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