Thursday, April 23, 2015

My First Fruits~(A.K.A. Get Off Your Duff, Tammie!)

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 When the day of Pentecost came, 
they were all together in one place.  
Acts 2:1 NIV

Here I am...again...10 pm the night before my post is due.  I can't tell you how many times I message Barb (our fearless leader) just before the midnight hour and say, "I PROMISE, I will get it done."

...and, I usually do...

But, how great does it turn out when I'm spent from the day of parenting, working, cooking, and cleaning?  How much of the Holy Spirit is in it when I'm answering to the clock and not to God?

Why does it take me so long to get started?

I think this is why God has asked for our first fruits.  We aren't supposed to tithe with what we have left over, we're supposed to give to God off the top of the earnings.  We aren't supposed to sacrifice the sick or lame of our flock, we're supposed to sacrifice the best for God.  We aren't supposed to read a devotional quick before bed to check it off our list, we supposed to rise up from our sleep and greet God, spend time with Him and keep Him in our hearts all day long.

My first fruits...

As I flip through magazines, skim Pintrest, watch a few re-runs on Netflix, and read a chapter in the book I have checked out on my iPad, I COULD be choosing to work on my post for the blog.  But, why am I not?  Why does it seem like a chore to take time out for God?

I actually STARTED this post four weeks ago.  I knew that God had prompted me to write about my prioritizing of things and how I needed to put Him first.  But, I just kept finding other things to do rather than to finish this post.

This past Sunday we attended Bayside Church in Rocklin, CA.  It was a fabulous service, and I was so motivated by the sermon on Getting the First Church Started that I knew I was being nudged by God. 

As the verse referenced above states, they were ALL THERE to get the first church started.

They showed up.

Why do we put off doing things just because we dread the work?  We fear the defeat?  We believe it just isn't going to work out the way we want it to?  We don't think we can write the paper or give the speech or make the point as clearly as it needs to be made?

It's not us we are's God.

You see, even when I have waited until the last minute and I have FINALLY pressed the Publish button, and I STILL think that what I submitted was the worst thing I've ever written; EVEN THEN I end up getting positive feedback.  Do you know why?  It's not me...

It's God...

In spite of the doubts that the disciples had shown through out Christ's ministry, and in spite of the denials they made of him at his arrest and crucifixion; they all showed up to that room on the day of Pentecost.  That was all they needed to do.  The Holy Spirit came upon them and did the rest of the work. 

And in spite of my doubts regarding the power of my words to convey God's will; in spite of my last minute completion of my work...the Holy Spirit seems to show up every time and take my spoiled fruits and make them just right for someone's soul.

Does this mean we should always put off our work until the last minute?  On the contrary!  I think it would save us all a lot of worry and heartache if we would just remember to show up SOONER!  If I were to sit down and start typing with God in my heart and mind at the start of the week rather than waiting for my deadline to be looming in front of me like an expiration date on the milk carton; I would save myself a lot of procrastination anxiety.

So, what do you need to do that you have been putting off?  God is asking you to trust Him and His power to get it done in a mightier way than you could ever have done on your own.  

Give Him your First Fruits today.

                              Show up for Him today.

                                                       He won't let you down.

Pray:  Father God, time and time again I put things off until the last minute because I find other things that seem easier to do.  Help me to decide today to give you my FIRST FRUITS every day so I no longer doubt your abilities to take those fruits and make them into something extraordinary.  Amen.  

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