Thursday, March 5, 2015

When the Clouds Descend

God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits,
    to the woman who diligently seeks.
It’s a good thing to quietly hope,
    quietly hope for help from God.
It’s a good thing when you’re young
 to stick it out through the hard times. 
 Lamentations 3:25-27 MSG

This is our first winter in Nevada.  I love it.  Not only is it much milder than Wisconsin, but the mountains keep me in awe every day.

Just last weekend, we had the first "big" snowfall since we moved.  I think we had about 4 inches on the ground around our house...not the 18-24 inches we were used to seeing in a big storm in Wisconsin.  I could.not.WAIT to get outside the next day and look around at the snow-covered mountains.

You see, DURING the storm, the mountains, for the most part, disappeared; partially due to reduced visibility in the snow, but also due to the clouds that came down so low that you couldn't even see the top of Mount Rose for nearly two days.

The clouds came down; they descended, and completely shrouded the majesty of the mountains in a blanket of grey.  And there they remained, for several days, while I waited and waited for the beauty that I knew would certainly be revealed when the clouds moved on.
Now, isn't that a great image of how God works in our lives?
Sometimes He brings the storms.  We see the clouds approach, and we witness the darkening of the skies as the obscurity and blindness swallows what beauty we used to see.  Then we wait, and we wait, and we wait...we KNOW that God is faithful, we KNOW that God is sovereign; but the anticipation builds and the waiting gets more difficult because we KNOW that when the storm finally clears there will be a beauty surrounding us that surpasses the charm we once knew.
Snow-capped mountains after the storm is over. 
God has moved me from rolling hills to regal mountains, from tornadoes to dust storms, from humidity to dryness.  And I love Him for it.  I love Him for every season of my life; for who He is making me become; for His ability to never give up on me.  

Pray:  Heavenly Father, we know that you are working on us and in us.  We thank you for the promise that the storms WILL pass.  Father, we ask that you give us peace in our hearts as we wait for the glory of the snow-capped mountains to be revealed.  Amen.

~Tammie Hefty


  1. Had a bad day today with Sam. This helped. Thank you. Elizabeth

    1. I'm glad it helped, Elizabeth. It actually served as a good reminder for me today as well. It's great how God can speak to us through one another. <3