Thursday, March 19, 2015


“Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters.”  Hebrews 13:1, NIV

Staring at the drip coming through the hole in the ceiling doesn’t help but I do it anyway.


What does that pipe lead to?  Will the new shower walls and tile that looks so beautiful need to be torn down to get to the aforementioned pipe?  How much is this going to cost us anyway? 

We had a wet spot on the ceiling in our family room for oh….a year or so (oops!) but I thought it was from the handful of times Luke overflowed the tub.  You know a-once-in-a-while-occurrence-so-no-big-deal.  Our handyman, Bill, took down part of the ceiling recently (in the family room below the master bathroom) and when we ran the shower we had pan-full of water leak through.  It didn’t happen when I took a bath or when the remove-able shower head was down in the tub; we knew the walls were bad around there so we thought removing/replacing the walls and putting up new tile would solve the problem.

It couldn’t be that easy could it? My response to noticing the water on our hardwood in the family room again today has been craning my neck to see the trickle and ringing my hands. 

I lecture myself, “Stop wasting the day worrying!”  I do what I can by calling the hubby and the handyman.  I pray. “Lord, I called the hubby and the handyman.  They will both be here later today. Help them figure this out since I am not a handywoman like my sister-in-law, Carrie, and help me leave this in your capable hands.”

But it’s hard to not keep going back to the seeping spot and gawking at it.  Isn’t this so true with other concerns in life, especially related to our loved ones with special needs? We keep picking at the same spot, or at least I do.  It does me no good. The Lord wants me to look to Him for my help in all things; whether it be leaks or Luke and who will care for him when I no longer can.

And to lean on our sisters and brothers in Christ.

I’m grateful for this blog and other on-line communities that make me remember I am not by myself when it comes to being a parent of a special kiddo and, even more importantly, in my Christian walk.  I’m so thankful for my Christian friends and family. We can’t go it alone; as the body of Christ we need each other!

Where would I be if I couldn’t call on the body of Christ to help and pray for me when I’m wounded or worrying; whether it be about drops coming down from the ceiling or anything else? 

Pray: Lord thank you so much that you are always with us.  Thank you that you give us sisters and brothers in Christ to help ease our burdens.

Disclaimer so I don’t get in trouble with my wonderful husband, Mike:  He is very good at fixing many things around our house himself! 

By Deb Abbs

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