Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume XLIV: The When We Get It Right Edition

We have worked TIRELESSLY in our culture to build inclusion and acceptance.  Too often we hear that despite our best efforts, little-to-no-progress has been made.  Today, I would like to encourage you by showing you a situation that demonstrates WE HAVE.

This week, our local news shared the sad story of a girl with Down Syndrome who is on her cheerleading squad being bullied from the stands during a middle school basketball game.  Despite how evolved we would like to believe we have come as a culture, anyone with half an eye on it can confirm to you that bullying is as rampant and wicked as ever.


Still, there is a strong twinkle of HOPE in the way this story ended.  Three of the 8th grade players on the court during this bullying situation took a STRONG stand.  They walked off the court and stopped the game to defend their fellow student, Desiree Andrews.

View Part 1 of the story HERE.
Not only did these boys not exchange wrong for wrong, rather they asked others to stop talking about Desiree this way.  They see the value in her as a human being and an equal.  This is something that we are striving for ALL THE TIME, but too often, seems elusive.

View Part 2, the follow-up on this story HERE.
The boys affectionately renamed their gym, "Dee's House," and are excited for the attention this has brought her.  They are thrilled that this might help her reach her goal of becoming famous some day.  However, these boys don't recognize how much this means to their futures.  They have demonstrated that they are more men than boys, having a strong sense of values, justice, and compassion.  There are now talks of community recognition for these boys.  I, for one, would like to see them do some sort of peer training, because something obviously got through to them that hasn't gotten through to many other kids their age.  I have no doubt that these team players will go far in life because they have learned the invaluable lesson that when we elevate others, we ALL win.

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