Friday, November 7, 2014

Crack Pot

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We don’t become discouraged, since God has given us this ministry through his mercy. Instead, we have refused to use secret and shameful ways. We don’t use tricks, and we don’t distort God’s word. As God watches, we clearly reveal the truth to everyone. This is our letter of recommendation.
So if the Good News that we tell others is covered with a veil, it is hidden from those who are dying. The god of this world has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. As a result, they don’t see the light of the Good News about Christ’s glory. It is Christ who is God’s image.

Our message is not about ourselves. It is about Jesus Christ as the Lord. We are your servants for his sake. We are his servants because the same God who said that light should shine out of darkness has given us light. For that reason we bring to light the knowledge about God’s glory which shines from Christ’s face.

Our bodies are made of clay, yet we have the treasure of the Good News in them. This shows that the superior power of this treasure belongs to God and doesn’t come from us. 
~ 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, GW ~

It's easy to get discouraged as a mom.  We try to teach our children godly character, and they lie, disobey, and quarrel with their siblings.  We serve tirelessly, scrubbing floors, scouring kitchens, sanitizing bathrooms, and washing laundry only to have the filth regenerated in less than 24 hours.  Day after day, we run from school to church, to activities, to doctor's appointments, to family occasions, to home.

Add to all these typical concerns of parenthood the dynamic of special needs or chronic illness, and you have an extra layer of issues allowing discouragement to creep in.  We second guess whether we have correctly made critical medical decisions.  We wonder why the school won't cooperate with our child's accommodations.  We find ourselves isolated or ostracized by others, criticized for our parenting skills by those who know so little about what's going on with our child.

Too many times I have walked through my life feeling utterly defeated as a mother.  I sometimes wonder why God saw fit to entrust these 3 beautiful, challenging miracles to my care.  I can even be deceived into doing Satan's work for him, accusing myself of being the worst, most incompetent mother on the face of the earth.

Yet, today's verses give me great encouragement and purpose, knowing that God can and does use a cracked pot like me.  I am perfectly imperfect, inadequate at best.  But God wouldn't have it any other way, because that brokenness is a unique platform to share His redeeming message of hope to all of those who are gawking at my chips and fissures.

You see, the light of His glory shines through my broken places because I am His vessel.  Only my incapability can fittingly demonstrate the power of God's boundless capability.  It's all of Him plus none of me.  And what is contained inside a broken pot cannot be held in.  It naturally flows out.  My weakness makes me more prone to proclaim to others the magnificence of His redeeming work in my life.  Just like the Apostle Paul, I have boundless gratitude that when I am weak, I am in the perfect position to let His strength glisten through my cracks.  (see 2 Corinthians 12:10)

My friend, be encouraged in knowing that there is tremendous purpose and potential in our shortcomings as parents.  Rather than trying to keep it all together, conforming to the world's idea of success, or haplessly concealing our crevasses by painting on the false image of self-perfection, instead surrender fully to being used by God.  You may feel inadequate, incompetent, imperfect, but He loves us enough to work out His perfect will in and through only those like us, willing to give Him all the glory.

PRAY:  Lord, too many days I feel like I fall short as a parent.  While other moms seem to have it all together, I feel broken and falling apart.  Thank You for the encouragement that You shine Your light through my broken places.  I give You all the glory!  Help me to cooperate with Your work in my shattered soul. 

~ Barb Dittrich 


  1. Joseph and Mary lost the 12 year old Son of God in Jerusalem.

    Isn't it also true that "perfect" parents wouldn't have need of the gifts and talents of others in the Christian community who come alongside them for the process of raising and shepherding their kids? And children of "perfect" parents would be denied the opportunity of observing their parents turn to God for guidance and strength?

    I suspect imperfect parents are part of God's plan.

    1. LOVE IT! Absolutely! The challenge is for that head knowledge to remind our feelings of the truth.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement - now here is a little bit for you. I was recently feeling a bit down because I didn't think I was 'doing enough' for the Lord - i see other people doing things (leading groups, organizing events, going on retreats etc) and I was sad because I feel like I am slacking. Then in my daily devotional the writer (okay it was God) spoke directly to me - Sometimes serving God is best done by simply living your life.

    I realized that God is not calling me to do all those things I see other people doing, he calls me to be the best mother and wife that I can be, and that is enough.

    God Bless

    1. AMEN! And well put! Rick Warren does a lovely job of demonstrating exactly what you say here in THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Even nature glorifies God, just by doing what He made it to do. Thank you for sharing that wisdom with our readers!