Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Are You Serious" Awards - Volume XXXII: The Who Really Cares Edition

Okay, so I am really hoping that you HEAR ME, not as a jealous or bitter person, but as someone who is completely BEFUDDLED.

For weeks this summer I watched as friends, family, friends of friends and family, church leaders, AND their children dumped buckets over their heads raising MILLIONS of dollars for a charity they knew little, if anything, about.  I will allow you to read on your own how the money flooding in is truly directed.  And I will also allow you to do your own reading on some of the horrid fall-out of this gimmicky fundraiser.

What has me utterly confused is that, while all of this money is flung around in such a cavalier manner, I have spent the past month barely being able to pry $1,000 out of people's hands to help fund a retreat for mothers raising kids with special needs around Mother's Day. 

Are you SERIOUS?!
I have broken the donation amounts down into a "wish list" that offer donors insights as to what their giving, no matter how small, will go towards.  For only $15 you can buy a mother a manicure or a chair massage.  Just $10 would cover a mother's meal.  An attendee's overnight room would be covered for only $40.  Such small amounts would make such a huge difference for these worn-down women.

Even so, I am having the toughest time conveying to people how much parents like us NEED this type of break.  Maybe people should hear of the 2 mothers I am communicating with and attempting to encourage as they arrange palliative care for their beautiful daughters who may not be here in another year.  Perhaps they need to hear of how many parents I know who are bearing such crushing weight from medical bills that they fear spending too much money on gas, or groceries, never mind the luxury of convenience food or an occasional night out.  I may need to make more people aware of how many mothers I speak to who also have husbands who are ill, or unemployed, or who have left them.  

We write grants, do various fundraisers throughout the year, and depend on the generosity of so many individual donors.  Still, it seems we can never raise enough to cover the TLC these parents need to keep-on-keepin' on. 

It gets frustrating to see money pour in to organizations that are more well-known, but less fiscally responsible.  Our only paid staff at Snappin' makes a meager $15,000 per year for full-time work, so you know we run a tight ship.  The vast majority of our funds go directly towards assistance and encouragement of parents in practical and spiritual ways, strengthening them to assist their child with special needs when they want to throw in the towel.

Friends, if YOU understand the importance of supporting parents raising kids with special needs, would you PLEASE share this donation link, and encourage others to give?

Granted, you don't have to act like a fool and post video evidence of it.  But you WILL have the opportunity to introduce someone to donate their dollars where they are far more effectively used.  Less glamorous?  Maybe.  More life-changing?  Definitely!  

It will be interesting to see who really cares.

~ Barb Dittrich

Not to be lost in this story...  A HUGE "Thank YOU" to the 15 donors who have answered this call for help!

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  1. Keep going! :) I'm a special needs Mom, home schooling her 17 year old... I'm a youth group leader and co-chair the Miracle League of the Lakeshore.... Tomorrow a group of 25 of us are heading 4 hours north to Moon Beach for our second family retreat weekend. We've been blessed with support from many service groups. While I just found this site-- I hope you keep going! Keep reaching out! Don't give up! This kind of ministering is needed here in Wisconsin and all over the world... :) Thank you for writing this post.--- Nicole