Thursday, September 18, 2014

3 Musts for Managing Anxiety Related to Special Need Parenting....and a puppy??

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.  
Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

I think I may have lost more than one marble. 

Caring for my 10 year old son-- who has autism and is always on the go--typically leaves me exhausted.  He is a great, smiley boy much of the time but he needs constant care and supervision.

AND YET WE DECIDED TO ADD A PUPPY TO THE MIX.  Our Pomeranian, Chewie, died two years ago and for the last year my oldest son has wanted another dog.  My husband and I miss having one too, but we know how much work a puppy is.  Chewie had been our first “baby”, and this time around Brandon, my 15 year old, wanted to bond with a puppy since he wasn’t alive the last time to do it!
So in early October the adorable English bulldog in the picture above will join our family.  And I am questioning my sanity.  How will Luke do with this new family member?  How will we keep track of and care for both?  When will I get any down time? 

The Lord brought a couple things to mind in the midst of my anxiety.

First, I need to delegate and allow my boys and husband to help even if they don’t do things my way.  Yes, I’m sort of a control freak.  I need to let them do things their own way and not micromanage. 

Next, I have to accept help.  Thankfully my mom is quite excited about this new grand dog and has offered to come over and assist with puppy training. 

And most important I need to lean on the Lord and His word instead of thinking I can do this in my own strength. 

Accepting help, delegating and leaning on the Lord are things that those of us in special needs families need to do whether or not we are getting a puppy.  How are you at doing these three things?  It can be tough and humbling to accept help and scary to delegate but the Lord doesn’t expect or want us to go it alone.  Thank goodness for that!!

PRAY:  Lord, help us to lean on you and your strength.  Help us to know in our head and in our heart that we are not alone.  That we have each other and we have you who is always with us.


  1. Great post Deb! I see so many special needs families who struggle to accept, much less ask for help. Nice reminder that it's OK.

    1. Jeff, Thanks! At first with Luke's diagnosis asking for help was tougher....but man this special needs parenting thing will go on forever (here on earth that is!) and as the years go by and I get more tired if I don't ask for help I will be in big trouble!!