Sunday, August 31, 2014

It’s All in the Attitude

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…..And let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, Hebrews 12:1

“It’s all in the attitude” and “Chin up- knees down” were two of the two platitudes my mom use to tell all of kids growing-up.  Even as an adult with miles between us, on the phone, as I would lament about the latest crisis in my life these words would come out of her mouth! 

My mom wasn’t always my mom.  God placed my mom in my life when I was fourteen, at a time when I already believed I was unlovable and was incapable of doing little with my life.  After all I had a disability!  The first few weeks I lived in her home, I told her, “I can’t”, she told me, “you will!”  In the end, I did accomplish much.   She was the first person I remember believing in me! 

As the beginning of the school year approaches I am especially thankful for my mom’s encouragement.  Prior to her involvement in my life there was not a professional, or a family member who truly believed I had any academic capability or for that matter any other ability. When kids bullied me at school, she battled for me.  When teachers insisted I was the problem for being in a class, she took action to ensure I would receive an education. 

Years later, I thank God for a mom who chose an attitude to believe in me and fight for me.  She ran the race, and endured much not for me, but all of her children.  Some of you are dreading the school year, you have endured much.  Your child is bullied, the school is not following the IEP, there is yet another round of therapy, or one more surgery! 

On your own all of this can be overwhelming.   It is my prayer you place your burdens at the foot of the cross, and you ask Jesus for endurance to run the race this school year.  Remember, we chose our attitudes, and where we place our trust.

PRAY: God, thank you for the ability to chose our attitudes and you meet us where we  are.  Today I am choosing to depend on you.  Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you.  When I don't think I can endure anymore, please let know you are there running the race with me.  In  the strong name of Jesus. Amen

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  1. Thank you!! We are facing another round of therapy, and I have been feeling overwhelmed. Your timely reminder is so encouraging, especially because I had such a short term view. Your wise words pointed my eyes back to Jesus.