Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume XVI: The 50/50 Challenge

May is my birthday month.  For at least the past 15 years my actual birthday has really meant very little to me.  If my hubby takes me out for a nice dinner, I am a happy girl.

However, THIS YEAR is a landmark birthday.  I hit the BIG 5.0. in a few weeks.  The privilege of living a half-a-century is an occasion worth celebrating.   And here is how I would like to give glory to God at this momentous time in my life:

The 50/50 Challenge

 Throughout the month of May, we want to find 50 donors who will donate $50 to Snappin' Ministries.  Aside from motherhood, my most significant life's work has been supporting fellow parents as they battle through the journey of raising a child with special needs.  It would mean the world to me if you would honor my 50 year landmark by donating to help these parents I serve.

Are you SERIOUS?!
 What can $50 do? 
  • Buy a gas card that will bless the socks off of a couple who are traveling to and from the hospital with a child battling a chronic illness.
  • Provide 2 TLC gift baskets to parents in need of encouragement and support during a hospitalization or difficult time at home.
  • Pay half of the cost of 1 day for 1 person at our Mother's Retreat.
  • Purchase a dinner gift certificate, so a couple can get a rare date out. 
  • Buy gift cards for carry-out food (pizza, subs, burgers), sent when a family is in crisis.
  • Help pay for food and crafts for our quarterly Recess respite program.
  • Buy advertising on Facebook for local quarterly family events.
So, can I count you or someone you know IN on this?  Will you help make me happy on my 50th?  Will you pass this along to everyone you know, even encouraging just 5 people to donate only $10?


Just go to this special 50/50 Challenge at "Causes" and click on DONATE to get started today!  I don't want to be crying over this when my 50th birthday arrives on May 21st!


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