Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Am I Asking of God?

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You may have heard it on the radio or sung it in church...it has a haunting melody and grows in intensity.  The words are powerful, and beautiful, and melodious...hypnotic.  But, have you really thought about what you are asking God to do as you sing it?

Oceans is a song that quickly rose to popularity on the Christian music charts, and has captured a place in the hearts of many.  Hillsong United has brought us many such songs, and I love when a set of lyrics resonates with me like the ones this song.

This last Sunday when we sang Oceans at church, I was struck by the lyrics in the bridge of the song:
"Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior."
So, when we sing this, we are singing about an ocean and asking God to take us in to a point where our feet COULD NEVER go...not WOULD never go-but COULD never go.  We are asking God to take us to a point of impossibility so that OUR faith will be strengthened by ONLY having him as our strength, only having HIM on which to rely.

Can you grasp that?  Do you see what this means?

This means:
Not lamenting, "Lord, why me?"
Not questioning, "How strong do you think I am?"
Not insisting, "I have been given enough burdens, one person cannot handle all of this."
Not comparing, "Why can't my life be like his or hers?" 

Take me...take me through cancer, through the accident, through the fire, through the job loss, through the death...take me to a place I never imagined being-a place where my faith will be strengthened.
Strengthened...you can't build more muscle without breaking down the muscle that is already there...you have to tear down in order to build bigger. 
So, take me deeper, push me farther, run me faster, fly me higher...and I will have nothing to cling to but you, God.

Pray:  Lord, it scares me to call upon you and ask you to take me where I dare not go on my own...it scares me to recognize that this life is not pain free...and it scares me to know that you are a good, loving, and jealous God who will pursue me even though my sinful nature tries to run.  Cover me with grace, and peace, and comfort.  Amen.

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